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Written by: Janice Kim, External Affairs Officer || Residence Hall Association

Hey Tar Heel!  It’s so exciting that in just a couple of months, you will be moving to campus – to your new Home! We know you will enjoy meeting other new Tar Heels, who will hopefully become your new lifelong friends. But until then, what is there to do? What now?

We can help!  Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for move in:

Start planning out your room decorations

Property Brothers doing a happy dance.

Trust me when I say there is nothing more exciting than to start planning out decorations. There are unlimited places to find inspiration whether its Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This is a new time to create a new space for yourself so why not take the time to become that HG-TV designer you’ve always dreamed about being, and get decorating!

Make a packing list ahead of time

There’s no harm done in preparing early for move in. Packing all your stuff and not forgetting anything important can seem like a daunting task, but starting early and working with your family and/or friends is an awesome way to feel more comfortable about the move-in process! You definitely need to make a list – and check it twice – and the most important lists for your move-in will be the “What to Bring” and the “What Not To Bring” lists from Carolina Housing’s Move-In Guide brochure. These lists are super helpful! So, don’t forget to check out the digital Move-In Guide brochure when it is released on their website by the June 19 First Years Housing Assignments release date.

Spongebob and Gary with an extremely long list that as it rolls out covers the entire room.

Start making new friends online

Maybe you found your roommate through the Housing Portal. Maybe you didn’t. No matter how you met your current roommate, there is an awesome way to reach new future friends online. Social media can connect you with students from your class. For example, you can find a Facebook and Instagram page called UNC Class of 2024.  These are great ways to start connecting with other incoming Tar Heels.

Black cat typing furiously on a MAC computer.

Learn more about on-campus organizations

On-campus organizations are a big part of UNC. Joining clubs and organizations are a fun way to meet people who have similar interests to you! You can visit to learn more about over 800 student organizations on campus! There are so many amazing organizations to choose from whether its club sports, Blank Canvas Dance Company, Residence Hall Association (RHA), Student Government, or more!

We can’t wait to see you all in the fall! We can’t wait for you to experience move-in day, Week of Welcome, FDOC, and more! First Year Housing Assignments will be released by June 19, and until then, this list should help you get prepared for Move-In Day!

Follow RHA and Carolina Housing on social media for more information on upcoming events and move-in updates.

Let’s go Tarheels!


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