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Written by: Janice Kim, External Affairs Officer || Residence Hall Association

Living on campus has been one the best choices I have made. Coming into college, I heard all the “horror” stories of on-campus living. As a rising junior, I am happy to say that I am about to have my third year on-campus and I am more excited than ever.

Living on campus is one of the best decisions I made, and I don’t say that with regret. Here are some reasons I love residence living:

1. There’s no commute…meaning I make it to class on time!

My commute was never more than a 10-minute walk or a 5-minute FREE bus ride. While some of the off-campus housing options only have bus routes that come every hour, residence halls have the U and RU swinging by ever 10 – 15 minutes. Plus, if you miss the bus, it’s okay because class isn’t too far of a distance to make it to class on time with a little pep in your step. Plus, there is no worry of getting a parking spot or fighting the morning commute traffic.

Slug from Monsters University attempting to make it to class, but moving extremely slow.

2. Close to campus life

Living on campus means I’m already there for campus events. Whether that’s events held by the University or a club meeting, I have an advantage. It’s much easier for me to quickly grab what I need for dance rehearsal in my Res Hall and hustle to the Union, rather than having to carry all the things I need with me throughout the day.

Monsters University, Mike running back to the table to pick up a flyer.

3. Easy way to make friends

In your Res Hall, whether it’s suite style or hall style, you are bound to make new friends. I made friends with my hall-mate Claire, who ended up being in one of my classes. I made friends with my hall-mates by bonding over music. Friends are everywhere on campus and it’s an awesome network to get connected.


Monster's University character Art balancing on an ottoman, stating "I'm excited to live with you and laugh with you."

4. Easy to get involved

There is so much more to college than your classes. There are hundreds of student organizations, intramural sports, and even leadership retreats that you can get involved with! Being on campus makes attending meetings, trainings, and practices super easy and convenient.

Monster Inc. University character standing in front of a MU improv table to encourage passing student to join a club.

5. Free food!

Who doesn’t love free food? There is always some kind of free food on the UNC campus. With that being said, most of your residence halls host events where free food is available! Whether its pizza movie night with your Community Government or tea and cookies with your RA. Your residence hall community puts lots of time and thought into all the events on campus and it’s only through on – campus living.

Monsters University students following pizza that has been laid out for them to eat. Free Food!

Excited for on-campus living now?

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Let’s go Tar Heels!


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