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By Giselle Pagunuran

Wish your Halloween costume could have just a little more school spirit? Well, we’ve got a couple of ideas that are reserved for the truest of Tar Heels.

Campus Squirrel

I’m sure you’ve seen a squirrel pop its head out of a trashcan full of empty Med Deli containers. Maybe you’ve seen one sprint right in front of a speeding bicycle. Or maybe you’ve seen a squirrel carrying an entire slice of pizza to its hole under a bush. To look like one of these beloved campus creatures, you’ll just need a couple things. First, you have to put together an all-brown outfit. Those fuzzy brown teddy-bear sweaters would work great for this. And then, you can look for some brown animal ears at a party store, or you can craft your own. To accessorize, you can bring an empty coffee cup or a half-eaten piece of pizza. Really, you can bring anything you might find in a trash can. For example, I once saw a squirrel holding a newspaper. They’re gaining literacy, and soon they’ll be unstoppable. What a spooky thought.

Stolen Brick

Honor this Tar Heel tradition without committing actual theft! Instead of stealing a brick and making huge holes in the walkways, dress up as one! You could get a brick-colored t-shirt and use fabric markers to make it look more like a brick, but hey, go big or go home. To really commit to this outfit, I suggest finding a large rectangular cardboard box – like the ones refrigerators come in – and painting it to look like a brick. Cut out the two ends. Find something like ropes, belts, or string to attach to the box and use as straps to hang on your shoulders. And there you have it, you’re a brick.

Instead of remembering your time at UNC by looking at a random brick on your shelf, reminisce by looking back at pictures of you posing on Franklin Street dressed like a brick.


On Halloween, what’s the best way to get to Franklin Street? The P2P. What should you dress up as when you go to Franklin Street? The P2P. For this, you can decorate a white shirt to resemble the designs on the side of the bus. Then, you can use round red bike reflectors to act as the headlights and taillights of the bus. Bonus points if you carry around a speaker and play some party tunes everywhere you go. Then you’ll be read to pull off the biggest power move – riding the P2P while you’re dressed as the P2P. And what better way to pay homage to our beloved nighttime bus than to dress up as it?

Davis Library

Probably the scariest thing you can dress up as. Who expects to be reminded of their academic responsibilities when they’re out having fun on Halloween?

You can do a lot of things with this costume. One option is to use fabric markers or transfer paper to decorate a t-shirt to make it look like shelves of books. You could also rip out a couple pages from a notebook you used for a random gen-ed class three semesters ago. I would also suggest wearing an LED headlamp to incorporate the lonely vibes of the fluorescent overhead lighting. When you’re putting together your costume, just channel the chaotic energy of hundreds of students cramming for exams. You’re sure to come up with something exceptionally spooky.

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