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Finally Finding Your Fit

Enjoy the college journey, but don’t forget your destination

Knitting needles
Bringing your favorite hobbies to school is a great way to de-stress.

Remember your first day of class at Carolina? I do.

I barely found my way from Hinton James to Greenlaw. Dozens of student groups accosted me as I hurried through the Pit. The line for the top of Lenoir stretched for miles.

And I was blissfully happy.

To my eager first-year eyes, the bustle and chaos seemed exhilarating. I couldn’t wait to make great friends, earn high grades and sign up for every group I could. Carolina was the biggest opportunity of my life, and I was determined to make the most of it.

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Connorstock 2012

Annual music festival adds a new philanthropic twist

Some students played volleyball, while others sat with friends during the music festival.

Connorstock has been a residence life community government (RHA) tradition for at least four years. Towards the end of the school year, many Carolina students gather on the Connor Community lawn for a day of music, dancing, food and fun.

The entertainment lineup consisted of several a cappella groups including the UNC Achordants, the Walk Ons and the Tarpeggios. Two singer/songwriters, Catie King and Myriad Sunrise, also played. Other group performances included a dance from Kamikazi and songs played by the Carolina Ukulele Ensemble.

Food at the event included ice cream, funnel cakes and fried Oreos.

And new for this year was an opportunity for community service: students could register to be part of the Bone Marrow Registry.

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The Summer School Connection

How a UNC summer impacted my friendships and my Carolina experience

Photo of Simone and friends
In summer school, I felt like I had plenty of time to relax with my friends.

How are you spending your summer this year? I bet summer school is the last thing on your mind. It was certainly the last thing on my mind after my freshman year, but I decided to take the advice of my peers and see what a summer at Carolina was all about.

After my first year at Carolina was wrapping up, the campus was buzzing with excitement for summer school. It never occurred to me that summer sessions could be fun, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up for both sessions and braced myself for the summer ahead!

Finding friends

I was only acquainted with my summer roommate prior to moving in, but over the course of the summer, we became extremely tight. I also met some great people along the way who I now consider to be some of my closest friends.

For both summer sessions, I lived in summer school housing in Aycock in Lower Quad. Those dorms are hall-style, so you share a bathroom with your entire hall—you’d be surprised how many people you meet while brushing your teeth! When everyone lives in the same area, it’s fairly simple to join in on a volleyball game or meet people who you pass by every day in the hall.

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The allure behind Old East

Why do so many students want to live in the campus’ oldest building?

This sign commemorates the laying of the first brick.

The first brick of Old East was laid on October 12, 1793, and the construction of UNC had officially begun.  To this day, October 12 is still celebrated as University Day.

Centuries later, students still love to live in the historic building, because it is in the middle of everything.  Seeing the Old Well out the window every day also can’t be beat.

Many students will never even see the inside of the building that holds so much mystery and fascination.  Luckily, I have a friend, Ryann, who is fortunate enough to live there, and she gave me the inside scoop one day.

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Is the grass greener?

Open house provides a glimpse into the rooms available on north campus


Interior view of Cobb dorm room
Interior view of a room in Cobb Hall

According to a survey by the UNC Housing Department many students requested to see the rooms in north campus residence halls.  In response, Housing set up an open house in Cobb and Old East  to give curious students an opportunity to see what these halls look like and get a feel for the atmosphere.  I attended the open house in both halls to catch up with students who are considering moving north and to find out all of the things that north campus has to offer.

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