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The View from: Craige

Welcome to the Reslife blog, summer 2015 edition. If you’re an incoming first-year, you’ve recently received your housing assignment for the 2015-16 school year. While there is ample information about the residence halls on the official housing website, it doesn’t provide context and personality to the place you’ll be calling home next year! This series of posts will give a closer look, from a former resident’s perspective – there’s much more than meets the eye in every residence hall.

Craige - a six story residence hall which is the only building in the Craige Community.
Craige – a six story residence hall which is the only building in the Craige Community.

The first residence hall is Craige – where I lived my first year.

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Lofting Beds

As I answer questions for parents and incoming students at First-Year Orientation, I tend to see a lot of trends in what people are curious about. One thing that everyone wants to know is if and how the beds can be lofted. At Carolina we keep things simple: all beds in on-campus residence halls* can be lofted anytime throughout the year, you can do it yourself and you don’t need any tools! Here’s how it works.

*Beds in Granville Towers cannot be lofted.

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Great Expectations

What to expect on move-in day

As I rode in the car to Chapel Hill on move-in day, I was undoubtedly nervous. Actually, I was trying to play super cool on the outside, trying to convince my parents and those around me that I totally knew what I was doing and was ready to move out of my dad’s house and into Teague. I’m not sure of how well I convinced people though…

That day can be pretty overwhelming, but just make sure you know what to expect. Here are a couple of things you can be sure to prepare for:

The Village Life

Top 10 reasons to live in an on-campus apartment

You’ve lived in a traditional residence hall, but now it’s time for a change. So you should move off campus, right? Not necessarily. Read on to find out the top ten reasons you should live in an on-campus apartment.

The buildings in Odum Village, which contain four one or two-person apartments each, give the community a neighborhood vibe.
  1. Less anxiety about money. If you’re like me, you’ve heard horror stories from your friends living off campus about how they divide expenses up among their roommates. The great thing about living in an on-campus apartment is that charges are billed in the same way that residence hall charges are. When you’re not constantly worried about conflicts with others over money, you have more time to focus on what really matters!
  2. Dedicated staff on call 24/7. You live in an off-campus house and you accidentally lock yourself out one night while your roommate is out of town for the weekend. What do you do? In the on-campus apartments, there is a resident advisor, a community director and a facilities representative on call at all times. Any problems you have can be taken care of right away, day or night! Continue reading The Village Life

Tell us how we did

Photo of student carrying clothes
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Was the Residence Life blog useful to you?

Our goal this summer was to write articles to help you get a feel for UNC and navigate move-in weekend. We’d like to know if you found our blog useful in your transition to Carolina.

If you read at least one story from the blog this summer, please take 3 minutes to complete this short survey and let us know what you thought:

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Thanks for spending a little time to let us know how we did. Future Tar Heels will thank you!

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Home-Grown Room

Crafting a cozy and sustainable living space

Carolina’s residence halls can feel as homey on the inside as they look on the outside.

Each August, bright-eyed college first-years flock to department stores, lured by neat shelves of room furnishings. Coordinating bedspreads, furniture and dishes seem to symbolize a fresh start and new beginnings.

But as I head into my junior year, I’m yearning for a more home-grown room than what department stores can give. A cozy sofa instead of a futon. Walls plastered with memories. Unique belongings truly mine. A home, not just a 10×13 space.

In pursuit of this dream, I hopped from antique shop to thrift store to closet this summer. A little time, a little effort and a lot of creativity have given me a motley assemblage of treasures that will transform my room into a home. Best of all, restoring used items and buying what’s built to last is truly a sustainable lifestyle.

Want to craft a home-grown room of your own? Start with three key areas: wall hangings, dishes and furniture.

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Your questions…our answers!

New student concerns for 2012-2013

You’re so excited to move to Chapel Hill and begin your life as a Tar Heel. But you still have a few lingering questions that you asked us last week. Don’t worry; we have all the information here about how to make it a smooth transition to campus!

Photo of student's items
On your move-in day, you will have 40 minutes to unload your car. Then you can begin to bring items up to your room.

What day can I move in? When should I arrive to campus on my assigned date?

The schedule is assigned by building and room number (this is also listed on page 8 of your move-in guide). It is staggered with the intent of decreasing lines and waiting as nearly 3,500 first-year and transfer students make their way to campus for the fall semester. Following the schedule helps move in be as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved.

Can I move in later? What’s the latest I can move in?

You can move in on August 19 or 20 if that works better for your schedule. However, if you are arriving after the first day of class (August 21), you will need to notify Housing in writing. Email housing@unc.edu or send a fax to 919-962-1006.

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Bring it! Leave it. Do I really need it?

What’s not mentioned on the move-in packing list

Multi-bulb floor lamps aka "octopus lamps" are not allowed in residence halls.

So if you’ve been to Orientation, you should have received your “Get Ready to Live at Carolina!” Move-In Guide for 2012-2013. (You can also download it from housing.unc.edu). On pages 5 and 6, there is information about your room and a list of suggested items to bring. I’m going to give you my opinion on this list.

Please note, the items under the “Leave it.” category are not allowed for safety reasons. If you do not understand what an octopus floor lamp is, you can find more information in this post (and no it is not the first thing that pops up in the Google images search). If you think an item might be dangerous or forbidden, err on the cautious side and don’t bring it.

On the “Bring it!” list, you don’t have to bring everything suggested. This is just a list of items that are allowed. If you don’t drink coffee, don’t bring a coffee maker. Please don’t feel like you have to bring something to your room just because it is on this list. Here are my opinions on some of the items:

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Tips for getting involved as an out-of-state student

A student found his niche through kick-off program

Hunter (middle) has made some of his best friends at Carolina.

Even though we already have a post from one out-of-state student, I noticed that our blog was missing posts from the male perspective. One of my friends, Hunter, a junior from Georgia has fallen in love with Carolina and has agreed to share his story with us.

M: Why did you choose UNC?

H: Once I sent my applications to colleges, I knew that I would decide my college fate by April 28th, my birthday. April 1st came around and I received the large envelopes, the small envelopes, the acceptances, the rejections, and the joy of getting into my some of top picks. I narrowed down my search to three schools, all of which had their merits, but were each distinctively different.

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The scoop on Hinton James

What it’s really like living in HJ

Photos of RAs at front desk
The main lobby in HJ is a fun place!

Now that all first-year students have gotten their assignments, the real fun begins. Excitement and anxiety are mounting as move-in day nears. With Hinton James welcoming 852 first-year students (29% of all first-years) into its community this fall, you’re probably wondering, “What’s it really like?”

Surely many of you have heard one thing or another about good ol’ HJ. Perhaps you’ve read about the history of Hinton James and its namesake, or maybe your parents stayed there many years ago. No matter your preconceived notions, I have the inside scoop just for you, as a former HoJo resident myself.

What are the people like?

A 10-floor tower bustling with energy, Hinton James is known most for its wonderful residents. The co-ed residence hall has suite-style rooms with eight students per suite. With so many first-years choosing to live in this residence hall, making friends is a breeze. Hinton James is truly a community; the residents, RAs, and staff are always friendly, which really builds a sense of camaraderie beyond the walls of the building.

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