The Suite Life: My Experience in a Shared Living Space

April 28, 2018

Living on campus is a key part of the authentic college experience. A lot of incoming first-years might be excited for the new adventure, but less excited about sharing a living space (and a bathroom). As a weathered old first-year, … Continued

It’s the obscure things

October 16, 2012

Ten items you didn’t think to bring to your first-year residence hall room There are millions of “Dorm Room Checklists” published by home supply stores and University departments, but there are several obscure items left off of these lists. After … Continued

A day in the life

February 22, 2012

A typical day in a residence hall at UNC by Katie Jansen, guest blogger When I was an incoming first year, I spent a lot of time researching, trying to find answers to my questions. While the Housing website was … Continued

Will I have to clean my own bathroom?

July 28, 2011

Bathroom cleaning responsibilities for campus residents Since there is a lot of talk about bathroom cleaning and care, I thought I’d clear up some common questions about what to expect when you get here. It all starts with one question…. … Continued

Sharing a Bathroom

June 9, 2010

Sharing is caring No matter where you live on campus during your first year at Carolina, you will have to share your bathroom. It’s just gonna happen. And – to be completely honest – it’s not even that difficult. So … Continued