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It’s the obscure things

Ten items you didn’t think to bring to your first-year residence hall room

There are millions of “Dorm Room Checklists” published by home supply stores and University departments, but there are several obscure items left off of these lists. After moving in and realizing what I needed, these are ten of the most useful items I found worthy of a late night Target trip.

Photo of student using a screwdriver to change clock batteries.
A screwdriver comes in handy for things like changing the clock batteries.
  1. Dish rack – The first time that I washed my dishes, I balanced them (along with dish soap, a towel, and my room key) in my arms while walking to and from the kitchen on my floor. It’s much easier collect dirty dishes in a container to carry to the kitchen, wash along with plastic ware, and carry back to the room.
  2. Screwdriver – Not that I’ve performed any major reconstructive work, but a screwdriver has been worthwhile to change batteries or open a jar of queso dip.
  3. Ice tray – Since our mini-fridge doesn’t have an icemaker and there’s not one on our floor, my roommate and I bought two ice trays that we keep in the freezer and refill as needed. It’s convenient to have ice for my daily cup of iced coffee, to put in my water bottle, or to cool off a room-temperature soda. Continue reading It’s the obscure things

A day in the life

A typical day in a residence hall at UNC

by Katie Jansen, guest blogger

When I was an incoming first year, I spent a lot of time researching, trying to find answers to my questions. While the Housing website was great and showed pictures and floor plans of the residence halls, I wanted to know what it would feel like to actually live on campus. What would life be like when I wasn’t living at home anymore? I decided to share my experiences in hopes that an incoming first-year could have some of his or her questions answered.


Me hitting the books during the afternoon.

It’s 6:30 a.m. in Joyner on a dreaded Tuesday and I’m groping for my insistent alarm clock in the dark. After freshman year, I promised myself I wouldn’t take any more 8 a.m.s, but it was a promise my schedule wouldn’t let me keep. I roll out of my bed (last year I had it lofted, but soon found out my coordination isn’t always up to par when I’m still groggy) and find my shower caddy. My roommate, Kathleen, is still asleep, so I tiptoe out into the blinding light of the hallway and shut the door quietly behind me.

The bathroom, which I remember worrying about before I came into college, is now the most normal thing in the world to me. I don’t even notice the shower shoes on my feet, and I actually find it feels strange to shower barefoot when I visit home. Sharing a bathroom isn’t a problem; there are two bathrooms on my hall, which adds up to four toilets and eight showers. I shower, brush my teeth, and head back to my room.

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Sharing a Bathroom

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No matter where you live on campus during your first year at Carolina, you will have to share your bathroom. It’s just gonna happen. And – to be completely honest – it’s not even that difficult.

So many incoming first-years that I have talked to or hear about fear sharing bathrooms. Well, ok, incoming first-year females mostly. Guys, I guess you don’t tend to spend as much time in the bathroom. I hope that this message will assuage your anxiety and worries.

Sharing a bathroom won’t be the end of the world. For the most part, you won’t even think too much about it. Yes, you will have to wait to take a shower at least once during the year. Yes, you might have to share a sink to brush your teeth. But that won’t happen all the time.

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