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Authentic student opinion

We invite students to weigh in on various topics related to residence life at UNC so other readers can benefit from honest comments and advice from fellow Tar Heels.

Topic Comments
Residence Halls as Characters from “The Office” No Comments
You Mean There Are How Many Libraries??? No Comments
Why do we hate Dook? No Comments
Managing Money No Comments
How to Survive Finals Week! No Comments
Best Ways To Get To Know Your Residence Hall! No Comments
Tips on Making Your 8 A.M Class! No Comments
What topics do you want to see on the blog? Comment below and win a Top Lottery Pick! 51 Comments
What topics do you want to see on the blog? Sound off below and win! 62 Comments
With the recent crimes happening on North Campus, would you still consider all the dorms equally safe? 10 Comments
What is the best room on campus? 5 Comments
What are the up-sides of living in hall-style residence halls? 5 Comments
Is on campus living significantly more or less expensive than off campus living? Or are they about the same? 4 Comments
Which style of residence hall offers the best feeling of community? 12 Comments
How rewarding are Living Learning Communities in terms of getting to know your fellow residents? 1 Comment
I just got admitted into the business school so next semester I have to take classes at McColl south campus and some classes on north campus, while my roommate is just taking classes on north campus. Which dorms should we consider to live in next semester if we have to take classes on opposite ends of campus? 3 Comments
What is the best community for sophomores? 5 Comments
What are the most convenient dorms to live in as far as keeping up a car goes? (i.e. has mot abundant parking, closest to parking garages, etc) 3 Comments
I find myself often bored sometimes on the weekends and always try to find things to do on campus without much luck. I was just wondering where can one have a social life if there are no athletic events that day or you are not in greek life? 2 Comments
What are the benefits of living on campus as a sophomore at UNC? No Comments
Is it too late to make new friends on your hall when you move in sophomore year? 6 Comments
If I was in an elevator and it stops suddenly, what is the best thing to do in the situation? 4 Comments
What tips do you have for cooking in a dorm instead of having a meal plan? How can I make my cooking life easier? 4 Comments
What on-campus dorm is universally the best? 3 Comments
Where is your favorite place to live on campus and why? 2 Comments
What is the best ways to help first years get used to living on campus? 6 Comments
What are the disadvantages and advantages to living in an on-campus apartment? 2 Comments
What are the benefits to living on mid-campus as opposed to north campus? Also, which of the two offers a more sophomore-oriented environment? 3 Comments
For someone who doesn’t have a meal plan and want to be able to cook more, what dorms have good kitchens? 2 Comments
What are you secretly nervous about for move-in? 91 Comments
What are you doing this summer? 131 Comments
How do you handle tough roommate conversations? 35 Comments
Tell us why you love your RA. 69 Comments
What’s the best way to get to know people in your residence hall? 83 Comments
In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of living on/moving off campus? 72 Comments
What makes your residential community unique? 39 Comments
What do you think is the greatest benefit of joining a Living-Learning Community? 26 Comments

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