The return to McIver

UNC alumna visits her old residence hall

Krisie Bassinger visited UNC to see her niece Lauren, who is also my roommate. Lauren currently lives in McIver, where Krisie lived during her first two years at Carolina.

Krisie and her roommate, Stephanie, in their McIver room.

“It is good to be back, but so much has changed,” Krisie said.

The building was renovated in 2004. The changes included adding an elevator and centralized AC and removing sinks from the rooms. Another major change is that the entire Kenan Community used to be all female, but now Kenan Hall is the only all-female residence hall in the community.

Another thing that has changed is the way first-years are assigned housing.  When Krisie applied, students listed their top three choices, and then the University picked a random 4 digit number based on students’ Social Security number to start the assignments.  The student with that number got the first pick and then the process went from there.




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A day in the life

A typical day in a residence hall at UNC

by Katie Jansen, guest blogger

When I was an incoming first year, I spent a lot of time researching, trying to find answers to my questions. While the Housing website was great and showed pictures and floor plans of the residence halls, I wanted to know what it would feel like to actually live on campus. What would life be like when I wasn’t living at home anymore? I decided to share my experiences in hopes that an incoming first-year could have some of his or her questions answered.


Me hitting the books during the afternoon.

It’s 6:30 a.m. in Joyner on a dreaded Tuesday and I’m groping for my insistent alarm clock in the dark. After freshman year, I promised myself I wouldn’t take any more 8 a.m.s, but it was a promise my schedule wouldn’t let me keep. I roll out of my bed (last year I had it lofted, but soon found out my coordination isn’t always up to par when I’m still groggy) and find my shower caddy. My roommate, Kathleen, is still asleep, so I tiptoe out into the blinding light of the hallway and shut the door quietly behind me.

The bathroom, which I remember worrying about before I came into college, is now the most normal thing in the world to me. I don’t even notice the shower shoes on my feet, and I actually find it feels strange to shower barefoot when I visit home. Sharing a bathroom isn’t a problem; there are two bathrooms on my hall, which adds up to four toilets and eight showers. I shower, brush my teeth, and head back to my room.

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Top 10 Tips to Rise and Shine

Making the best of your mornings

This guy knows all about waking up early.

Sometimes, like Frodo, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Unfortunately, that time is often 8 a.m.

For many college students, waking up in the morning is unpleasant. For me, it’s almost painful. However, after experiencing my first 8 a.m. classes this semester, I have found ways to ease the pain.  Whether you wake up at noon or the crack of dawn, check out these ten tips for making the best of your mornings.

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You won the (Housing) lottery!

At the DTH Housing fair, students entered their names for early housing picks

Megan, marketing intern, draws the names of the lottery winners

12 winners, along with Kayla from the CRIBS Photo Contest, will be the first students to pick their housing in the Housing Selection Process for school next year.

The winners were randomly drawn from 392 entries, and they have been notified by email. They will choose their housing once current residents decide whether they want to reclaim their same room or apartment.

You can enter this contest every year at the DTH Housing Fair! Make sure you attend next February to enter the lottery and learn more about your living options.

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Who had the best transformation of their room?

Housing paired with the Daily Tar Heel to host a CRIBS contest for the third year

Students were able to submit pictures of their rooms, both on and off-campus, into two different categories. The first was for a first-pick in the Housing Selection Process; the second was for a $150 gift card to Johnny T-Shirt. The winners were selected by a team of Housing Marketing staff and members of the DTH advertising staff and was based on which room had the best transformation.

Kayla's room in Horton won her the first-pick in Housing selection.


Judges thought that Kayla Goforth’s room was the best transformation. She, along with 12 other winners from the “Early Housing Picks” drawing at the DTH Housing Fair, will be able to choose their on-campus rooms for next year before the selection process opens up for other students.

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Butterbeer and first years

Kenan Community shows residents ways to leave their HEELprint

Over 70 residents came together for delicious butterbeer (yes, like in Harry Potter!), cookies, fudge and ways to learn about how to get more involved on campus. The event was set up in a FallFest fashion, where residents could sign up for list serves and ask questions about the organizations.

Student and mug
Andrea Pino, community Governor, enjoys her mug of Butterbeer








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C-Mike and CoCo open their doors

Many students came to the first night of the open house series to see rooms in Carmichael and Connor.

Residents of CoCo prepare their s'mores.

Connor Community held a s’mores event during the open house, so potential future residents could get a feel for the community. If you want to live in CoCo next year, you must submit your housing contract by February 27th.

A new draw for Carmichael is that 50 rooms will be converted to singles. If you are interested in living in C-Mike next year, you can book your room early by attending the in-person Suite Selection Event on February 28th after you submit your contract.

Another draw of both of these communities is that they have Living Learning Communities. Students who are in them love the activities and close-knit environment. If you want to live in an LLC, you will need to apply by March 5.

Don’t think CoCo or C-Mike are the right fit for you? There will be several more open houses to help you find a place at UNC where you can make yourself at home.

Open House series

Not sure where you want to live next year?

Don’t worry! Housing is giving you the opportunity to visit and tour 10 of the communities on campus, so YOU can decide what is the best fit for you!

Over the next five weeks, there will be two open houses each Wednesday from 5-7 pm. You come by, ask questions and see rooms in the community.

The schedule is as follows:

  • January 18: Connor and Carmichael
  • January 25*: Ram Village 1, Odum Village and Parker
  • February 1: Kenan and Cobb
  • February 8: Lower Quad and Upper Quad
  • February 15: Morrison, Craige North, and the Ehaus remodeled room

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Why do you live on campus?

The reason why students want to stay on campus and why some want to leave

These words represent the top reasons why students want to live on campus.

In November, Housing sent out a survey asking students about their experience and their opinion on potential changes.

The survey showed that there are many reasons why students live on campus.  Almost all said that they wanted to be close to class and other campus resources.

However, not all students want to live on campus again. The main reason is because students want their own rooms.

What is your plan for next year?

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