Carolina snow day

 My Most Treasured Carolina Memory

Carroll Hall in the snow
Carroll Hall in the snow

Seventy percent chance of snow in Chapel Hill?! Immediately, I closed my laptop, buttoned my coat, and pattered down the marble steps of Wilson Library. No snowflakes yet, but my friend and I were going Christmas shopping, and the air was sharply fragrant with anticipation.

By the time we reached Franklin Street, magical bits of heaven were swirling down from the gray sky and I felt giddy as a child. Following signs down a winding path behind the storefronts to a place called “Back Door CDs,” we discovered a tiny shop the size of half my room in Hinton James. Stacks upon stacks of old classic CDs and records and DVDs and posters and 45s crammed every inch of space.

“How long has this place been here?” I asked the shopkeeper who looked as old and “used” as the CDs which crowded him to the ears. “Twenty-plus years,” he replied, running my debit card through an ancient machine. Smiling at the obvious fact that he had been there all twenty years, I asked, “Should I get the digitally remastered version of Days of Future Passed or the original?” “Well,” he replied seriously, “if you care about sound, I would definitely spend the extra dollar.” And I did.

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Why live on campus? An inside look

The Resident Advisor Perspective of On-Campus Living

photo of Irene
Irene is an RA in Ram Village


In addition to being a resident of the wonderful Taylor Hall, Irene is also the Resident Advisor for the first and second floors.  I caught up with Irene this week to find out more about her experiences and what makes living on campus so great.

Name: Irene Neequaye

Year: Senior

Major: Anthropology and Global Studies double major

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Housing Status:  On-campus, Taylor Hall aka Ram Village 4.





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Homecoming Pink Up

Kenan residents paint blue – and pink – for WFU game

Kenan Community hosts breast cancer awareness event and tailgate to bring residents together on game day.

Photo of 3 residents in Kenan Community
Three students prepare for the Homecoming game by painting up to promote breast cancer awareness while sporting their Tar Heel pride.

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Which student organization is for me?

Using to find your place logo helps you find student orgs at UNC-CH

I hope you’re enjoying the remainder of your summer, soaking in the rays wherever that may be! And I hope for your sake it isn’t as hot as it is in Chapel Hill right now. Being from Boston I’m not used to these 100+ degree days, so the air-conditioning has become my best friend.

I wanted to take some time to let y’all (I’m working on my Southern accent) know about a great new tool that UNC will be using this year to help you find student organizations to join, and to make it a little easier to keep up with the messages from the groups you already participate in. It’s the website

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Wonder who it’s from?

How to pick up mail and packages


The mail room of Morrison Packaging Center
There's even a basket of lollipops. What more could you ask for?

If you happen to be the first one of your siblings to leave for college, your family is probably going to have a bit of a hard time letting go. How will they remedy this? Maybe by sending you care packages to remind you that you are supposed to miss them a lot more and that you haven’t called in the last month. Well, maybe not that much of a guilt trip, but just to say that they love you!

Perhaps you are going to buy your books online and you haven’t bought them yet for class by the time that you get to campus in the fall, and you have to ship your books to campus. Where are they going to go? You need to get them – you can’t get through your classes without your textbook no matter what you think.

The answer to all of this: Spencer and Morrison Package Centers! Check out this video that shows where to address your package, how to pick it up, and where to do so.

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No quarters needed. Really.

Doing laundry in the residence halls

File 2931
Cobb laundry room

So you’re starting to think about what you need to bring, and the thought of quarters may have crossed your mind. Your family may have told you their stories of needing rolls of quarters to do their laundry, but times have changed.

UNC washers and dryers only accept OneCards.

That’s right. No coins, no cash, no personal debit/credit cards. You don’t need to scrounge for quarters from your parents change, or worse, break the $20 bills you made at your summer job. To pay for your laundry you can simply swipe your OneCard (student ID), and money will be taken out of your Expense Account. You may be wondering what your Expense Account is, no worries, I will cover that in just a second.

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Meeting new people is beyond easy

First-year students usually eager to make new friends

Hey Incoming First-Years! I’m Elliott Brennan, and a transfer sophomore from Boston, MA. Last year I was a freshman at a different university, and I met a bunch of wonderful people within the first few months. It wasn’t until I looked back on the experience that I realized just how great of a time those transitional weeks were.

Friends at the Old Well
Chilling with Rameses at the Old Well

You’re about to experience one of the greatest transitions of your lives, and the most important thing to remember is that you are doing so with roughly 4,000 classmates! With so many new things going on during your first few weeks it can seem overwhelming to balance classes, figuring out the campus, meeting new people, and exploring everything Carolina offers. But don’t worry, during your Week of Welcome there are tons of events set up to help you with everything I just mentioned!

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What goes on in the LLCs?

Living-Learning Community Highlights from 2010-2011

Curious what kinds of things residents in Living-Learning Communities do? Here are the year-end highlights for each LLC, as told by each group’s Student Coordinator:

Men at Carolina

photo of Pit cube for SpeakOut!
Painted cube in the Pit to announce the SpeakOut!

Men at Carolina has spent the spring semester going out into the UNC community and talking about issues of masculinity and gender. In February, we hosted discussions in several communities about pornography. In March, we participated in a panel on gendered language. In April, we gave a presentation on masculinity in the LGBTQ community at the Southeast Regional Unity Conference and co-hosted the Speak Out! Against Interpersonal Violence where several M@C members read testimonials in the Pit.

In January of this semester, WELL had it’s Spring Refresher Retreat! As part of the retreat, made personal flags for ourselves, drawing pictures or symbols to represent things that matter to us or that we believe represent our-selves. We shared these in groups to see what was similar, what was different, and also to gain some insight into each others’ personalities in ways we may not have before. These flags were later combined into one larger flag that was displayed in our hallway through Spring Break!

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The coveted intramural T-shirt

Getting connected through Campus Recreation

Hey everybody! My name’s Connor Chapman, I’m from Charlotte, NC, and I am majoring in Information Science with a minor in Business Administration.

Getting involved in campus rec is a great way to start off your first year at UNC.

As a varsity athlete in two sports in high school I knew I wanted to get involved with campus rec on

Students exercise in Rams Head Recreation Center
Students exercise in Rams Head Recreation Center

campus any way possible when I came to Carolina.  My first year I took advantage of many of the amenities included on campus including Rams Head Gym, Ehringhaus field, and the South Campus rec center.  And because they were so close (I lived in Horton Residence Hall) it was extremely easy to get a group of friends together to go kick the soccer ball or play some tennis in a moment’s notice.

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