Deck the halls

How Sub-Free LLC is getting into the holiday spirit

by Katie Jansen, guest blogger

photo of Katie and Kathleen at their door
My roommate, Kathleen, and I introducing our snazzy snowman to the halls of Joyner.

The whispers began in the bathroom on a Sunday evening. The events for the upcoming week had been posted, as always, on all the mirrors, and at the end of this week’s list was something new. Something creative. Something exciting. Something that generated whispers among all the girls on our hall.

It was a two-week-long door decorating contest put on by the Substance-Free Living-Learning Community, and anything in the spirit of fall, winter, and the holidays was up for grabs. The plotting began; who isn’t up for a little healthy competitive holiday cheer? My roommate, Kathleen, and I laid awake late into the night, dreaming up a scheme that would win this year’s prize for best decorated door. Continue reading Deck the halls

You get a Kindle and you get a Kindle!

Two students won Kindle Fires for filling out the Housing survey

Photo of two students
Winner Zach Mayo receives his Kindle Fire.

Housing  sent out a survey in November to students via email asking them about their housing experience and their opinion about potential changes for 2012-2013.  Students who filled out the survey were entered into a drawing with the chance to win one of 2 Kindle Fires or 5 Kindle Touches.  The two grand prize winners are featured below.

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How is it already time for finals?

Keep calm and rock those finals with these study tips

  • Don’t cram–I know that during exam week, this is difficult especially if you have two exams on the same day.  Try to spread out your studying as much as possible. Utilize the reading days as much as you can. And I know you don’t want hear this, but if your exam is cumulative, you may want to begin reviewing those notes from August and September over Thanksgiving break.
Picture of a study lounge
The lobby of Kenan is one of my favorite places to study.
  • Find a study spot that works for you–We all have that spot that works best for us, whether it is the back corner of the 8th floor of Davis, a certain study lounge in your residence hall or in your room. But find that spot were you can focus and get least distracted.
  • Find a study method that works for you–If you need to memorize basic information, flash cards always work for me. If you have questions, run them by other classmates. Just make sure your studying always follows the honor code. Continue reading How is it already time for finals?

In it to win it

Connor Community breaks 2,000 points in Green Games


Two Connor Community RAs
Jessica and Devika, Connor Community RAs, show "GG" for "Green Games."


In this year’s campus-wide Green Games competition, Connor Community hopes to score an environmental victory for both itself and the entire UNC-Chapel Hill campus. With over 2,000 points, Connor Community currently holds first place.

The Green Games program, a competition for sustainability in UNC-CH’s on-campus residential communities, began in 1994. Offering both bragging rights and an opportunity to impact the environment, Green Games attracts more participation every year. To play, communities host service-oriented and educational programs to earn points toward a victory.


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Carolina green

UNC celebrates Campus Sustainability Day and America Recycles Day

A sign outside the Student Union advertises the Sustainability Fair
UNC shows off its sustainability efforts.

Couldn’t make it to the sustainability fair on November 15? Want a crash course in green innovations at Carolina? Scroll through the photos and links below for a new appreciation of UNC’s efforts to protect and preserve the environment.





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Cupcakes make it worthwhile

Claiming your Housing experience as your own


Two residents pose in front of a poster
Jess and me beside our rescued cupcake

With one motion, a passerby tore it off the wall and crumpled it in his hand. “No!” Jess and I cried, rushing to retrieve the three-foot-wide paper cupcake which once adorned our hallway. Lovingly constructed by our RA, the cheerful poster advertised a cupcake-decorating party held several days before. Though Jess and I had just met a few days ago, we already agreed on one thing: that paper cupcake wasn’t going anywhere.


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The best of both worlds

Myth-busting the idea that one cannot be Greek and live on campus

I want to address some hesitations and myths about being Greek and also living on campus. I rushed first semester of my first-year, so I have been Greek for essentially all my time at Carolina. I have also lived on campus during all my time at Carolina. It is totally possible to do both and I have found that I get the best of two communities by doing so.

Myth #1: If I live on campus, I will never spend any time at my house.

Photo of 4 girls eating
Some Sigmas enjoy a meal at the house.

This can be as true or false as you want it to be. I lived in Hinton James last year, which is about as far away from my sorority house as you can be while still being on campus, and I still spent plenty of time at Sigma. My meal plan is through Sigma, so for lunch every day I would eat at the house. It’s much closer to my classes than HJ, and I loved the food and being able to talk with my friends every day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I had a longer lunch break, I would eat and then go to our study area in the house. To me, this would take the same amount of time as eating in a dining hall and then going to a library to study.

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Top 10 random things to do with your roommate

Photo of two girls
My roommate and me (right)

Your relationship with your roommate can make or break your college experience

Now roommates don’t have to be best friends, but getting along and being able to somewhat understand each other is crucial. Here are some fun things you and your roommate can do together whether you have known each other forever or are trying to break the ice.

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New Blogger Alert!

Attention UNC, we have some new bloggers on the scene! Meet Simone, Megan, and Brittany, UNC Housing’s newest public relations interns for the Fall 2011-Spring 2012 school year.

These three students will be bringing you the ins and outs of UNC residence life. They will be arming you with useful knowledge, providing ideas for fun new things to do on campus, and answering your questions about all things Housing.

Each of these ladies brings a unique perspective that will make for an exciting year of reports on residence life. Get to know them here.

Simone Suber

Photo of Simone Suber
Simone Suber

Hometown: Charlotte, NC (by way of Queens, NY!)

Year: Junior

Major: Global Studies; Art History minor

Current Residence: Taylor Hall; formerly Ram Village 4

Campus Involvement: UNC HOPE, Carolina Style on STV, CUAB – Art Committee


Read Simone’s profile or check out her posts!




Megan Carroll

Photo of Megan Carroll
Megan Carroll

Hometown: Cary, NC

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism and Mass Communications–Public Relations; Spanish minor; Sexuality Studies minor

Current Residence Hall: McIver! (Kenan Community is the best!)

Campus Involvement: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, WELL Living Learning Community, Relay for Life Planning Committee, Blue & White Magazine


Read Megan’s profile or check out her posts!


Brittany Darst

Photo of Brittany Darst
Brittany Darst

Hometown: Apex, North Carolina

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism and Mass Communications–Public Relations/Chinese

Current Residence: Aycock

Campus Involvement: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and The Carolina Swing Club


Read Brittany’s profile or check out her posts!




The hardest work you’ll ever love

An inside look at life as a Resident Advisor

Lindsay Pope, an RA
Lindsay Pope, RA in Aycock

Being an RA is more than a job, and it’s more than a lifestyle. It’s going to sleep, waking up, eating, studying, socializing, working, loving—then repeating—all in your “workplace.”  There is no such thing as off-duty. Your residents depend on you to have the answers and to set the living standards of your hall. It’s a position that demands responsibility and a good plan of action.

When I first got back to campus for training, I had no clue what being an RA would mean. I didn’t know how to plan a program or how to handle all the ridiculous situations I envisioned happening.  To be honest, I was even concerned about how I was going to learn everyone’s name.

But in training, Housing gives you the tools to handle just about anything you could imagine. From how to use positive body language, to the proper way to respond to a shooter on campus, and even how to deal with vomit (which we don’t do, because it’s “above our pay grade.” Love that one.) Housing gave us all the tools we would need to make a safe and happy community. Putting those tools to practice, however, was a much more challenging game, one that I expect I’ll still be learning the rules for long after I graduate.

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