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Meet Megan Carroll!

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Megan Carroll

Hometown: Cary, NC

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism and Mass Communications–Public Relations; Spanish minor; Sexuality Studies Minor

Where I’ve Lived on Campus: McIver (Kenan Community is the best!), HoJo

Campus Involvement:  Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Greek Life, WELL Living Learning Community, Relay for Life Planning Committee, Resound Magazine



Where did you live your first year? How was it different from this year?

I lived in HoJo! It is completely different from where I live now. South campus vs. North campus. Suite style vs. hall style. I wouldn’t trade living in HoJo my first-year for the world though. I met so many awesome people and had such a fun time living and learning with other first-years. The north side of campus is definitely the place to be sophomore year though.

What is your favorite part of living in McIver? 

I love the porches in the Kenan community. Sitting and rocking while reading a book on a crisp fall day may be the greatest thing ever. I also love the location. I can walk across the street and be in the arboretum, one of the most beautiful places on campus. It’s also super close to Franklin and classes, as well as my sorority house;  it’s just perfect. I also love my LLC, Women Experience-Learning and Leadership (WELL), it truly is a community. I have become such great friends with the women on my hall and know I have an awesome support system. They have also challenged me to think outside of the box. WELL has also given me opportunities that I don’t think I would have done on my own such as being Safe Zone and One Act trained.

You mentioned your sorority, Tri Sigma. What do you like most about being in a sorority?

Sigma has become my home away from home. I eat all my meals at the house and it is where I have found some of my best and truest friends. I met my best friend and roommate through Sigma and as cliché as this sounds, I can’t imagine my Carolina experience without her.  Sigma has many different kinds of women, but we all have being in a sorority in common and it’s such a great support system to be a part of.

What is one thing you wish you knew as a first-year?

You don’t have to say yes to everything. Find two or three things that you LOVE and stick with those.

What has been your most treasured memory at Carolina so far?

Greeting the UNC Mens Basketball Team after they lost in the Final Four last year. Some friends and I went to the Dean Dome to greet them when they got off the bus. I got to high-five every player and Roy Williams. There were about 200 people there and we sang the alma mater with the team. It was really cool.

Halloween on Franklin is a close second. Although, I also loved the “Tar” “Heels” chant back and forth with E-Haus after a UNC basketball victory!

What is your favorite thing about your major/minors?

The professors in the J-School are some of the greatest people I have ever met.  They all have such fascinating life stories and are great at what they teach.  For Spanish, I love learning another language. I want to travel the world and 22 countries have their first language as Spanish, so speaking Spanish will help me with that goal. Sexuality Studies challenges the way I think about everyday language and society as a whole. I enjoy learning new things and being challenged in my beliefs.

With such an emphasis on Carolina academics, how do you choose to relax?

I take a little time for myself. Whether it’s reading a book, Skyping with a friend or watching a movie with my roommate; I try a few times a week to just give myself a break.

Do you ever get homesick? How do you deal with that?

I talk to both of my parents on the phone almost every day, so I don’t tend to get homesick very much. Once during my first year, I had a horrible week, so I went home on Friday just for the night. I was even back in time for the football game on Saturday. Even though I only live 45 minutes from home, I don’t go home that often. I didn’t go home during my first month at UNC and I think that made a big difference. Try to stick it out as long as you can and I think you’ll be surprised with how much you fall in love with Chapel Hill. I now tell people it’s where I’m from.

What advice do you have for staying healthy and in-shape?

Stay away from the desserts in the dining hall (or the sorority house in my case). I know that they are sitting right there and I know that they are delicious, but they are so many extra calories. Exercise-wise: find a group of friends to go with or a class that you really enjoy. Check out kickboxing on Monday nights in the SRC. I’ll be there!

What is one silly thing you want to do before your sophomore year is over?

Play in Bynum Fountain!


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