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Meet Danielle Frider!

Danielle Frider
Danielle Frider

Hometown: Cary, N.C.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Business Administration, Marketing ; Advertising Double Major?

Where I’ve Lived On Campus: Horton, Ram Village 1, and Lewis in the fall!

Campus Involvement: Residence Hall Association, Her Campus UNC, FBLA–Phi Beta Lambda, KenanFlagler Marketing Club, Carolina Union Marketing & Design Employee




Where did you live your first year? How was it different from this year?

During my first year I was lucky enough to snag a spot in Horton Residence Hall. It’s one of the newest residence halls on campus, and you only have to share a bathroom with three other people. I absolutely loved my room, roommate and building, but I will not be missing the 15-minute hike every day! This summer I’m living in Ram Village, and things are both different and the same. The location is still WAY south but having your own room and kitchen is divine!

What is your favorite part of living in Ram Village?

Ram Village is great because apartment life makes me feel like a real, independent, adult! It’s nice to have a small space just for yourself when you need it, and having a place to cook (or at least attempt to cook) is great when all the dining halls are closed over the summer. Plus, everyone knows Ram Village holds the best barbecues around!

Tell us about Her Campus UNC. What do you like most about it?

Her Campus is an online magazine that publishes stories for savvy Collegiettes across the country. The magazine has branches at most major universities, and I was lucky enough to join Her Campus UNC (one of the top chapters in the nation) as a writer this past spring. Writing for Her Campus is so much fun, and it has provided me with tons of great experience for a future in writing and marketing!

What is one thing you wish you knew as a first-year?

Just how many organizations and opportunities there are here! For me, it didn’t really sink in until I started joining a few… dozen. In fact, you’ll soon find out that Carolina offers more than any one person can do, and it can get overwhelming. The bottom line is, you can come here knowing absolutely nothing about what you want to do with your life, but if you follow your interests and take some risks, you’ll be sure to land in a great place at Carolina.

What has been your most treasured memory at Carolina so far?

Everyone says this, but the friends you make and the people in your life will always be infinitely more important than the periphery achievements of a good grade or a job promotion. My favorite memory at Carolina is more so a collective memory of arriving at a place where the people just got me, a place where everyone is a hard-worker, is interesting, is diverse. I love Carolina most because of the wonderful people I’ve met.

What is your favorite thing about your major?

I’m still working on exactly what my major is/will be, but I’m very interested in a combination of business and journalism school because I think that’s where I fit best. The thing I love about Carolina is that it has provided me with opportunities to explore many avenues. Thanks to some smart course planning and AP credits, it looks like I may be able to fit in a double major plus a study aboard to France. Fingers crossed!

With such an emphasis on Carolina academics, how do you choose to relax?

I love the atmosphere on the first floor of Davis, so sometimes I’ll cuddle up in one of the squishy chairs and just people watch, read a book for fun, or even take a nap! I also like to pamper myself when I have the time. Walking all around campus is killer on your feet, but giving yourself a manipedi every few weeks can reverse the damage and brighten your day!

Do you ever get homesick? How do you deal with that?

The first time I talked to my mom on the phone after she dropped me off, I wanted to burst into tears. Instead, my roommate and I went to get free hot dogs and watch The Hunger Games. The key to overcoming homesickness is to keep busy and moving forward. Soon enough, you’ll realize that Carolina is a great place to call home, and when you do go home, you’ll miss UNC instead!

What advice do you have for staying healthy and in shape?

Do not let yourself buy candy or eat dessert with every meal! Instead, try to snack on granola bars and fruit in between classes and AVOID the pizza section of the dining hall. For exercise, I have a rule: If the bus isn’t going to be here in 4 minutes or less, walk. You can really walk anywhere you need to go on Carolina’s campus, and you’ll discover a lot of beautiful things on campus that you’d never notice riding a bus everyday.

Also, if you’re like me and moderately afraid of the gym, try going to a group class like Yoga or Zumba. The classes are free, so much fun, and you won’t even notice that you’re exercising!

What is one silly thing you want to do before the year is over?

Get onto the roof of a building! It doesn’t really matter what roof or what building. Just on a roof. At some point. Somewhere.


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