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Housing responds to questions submitted through the “Ask Housing” form.

Makerspace at UNC

Discover Your Inner Maker in a makerspace!

This upcoming fall, Carmichael Residence Hall will be opening a makerspace! Some of you guys may still be kind of unsure about what exactly a makerspace is, so I decided to dedicate this blog post to makerspaces! Some really cool things are happening at UNC…

What is a makerspace?

Makerspaces are communities under BeAM@CAROLINA. These areas are where students can participate in open studios, training sessions, workshops, and more. Makerspaces have cool emerging tools that can be used for making prototypes to art- the possibilities are endless!

Exactly what technology is in a makerspace?

The exact items vary from makerspace to makerspace. However, throughout the makerspaces on campus you may find woodworking stations, a 3D printer, a sewing machine, and more. A full list of tools and capabilities can be found here.

Who can use these makerspaces?

Students, faculty, and staff members can use here makers can participate in designing and creating physical objects. Anyone can participate- regardless of field of interest. You don’t have to be an engineer to make something amazing from a 3D Printer.

  • Murray Hall
  • Hanes Art Center
  • Kenan Science Library
  • Carmichael Hall (In progress, will be finished by Fall 2017)
OK, so I know what a makerspace is… but what can you actually do there? 
You can do pretty much anything! To be more specific, feel free to pursue any individual project you’ve designed and want to create. You can also participate in open studios, training sessions, workshops, host classes and group activities in these spaces.
Sounds cool, but really intimidating. How do I get started?
Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start! There are different workshops held every week found on the calendar. Going to orientation is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the different tools in makerspaces. Orientation is also required to use most aspects of makerspaces, so I would suggest going there first.

UNC is a vibrant community that prides itself in its ingenuity. Why not try the makerspace and see what you can create?

First Year Experience Halls At A Glance

Dear Baby Heels (a.k.a. Newly Admitted Students):

First of all, let me just extend a great, warm welcome to you by saying CONGRATS ON BECOMING AN OFFICIAL TAR HEEL! This place freaking rocks, honestly, and we can’t wait for y’all to join us here on campus. But before you can join us, you have to sign up for on-campus housing by May 15!

I know what you’re thinking at this point.

“But… But I don’t know where I want to live! What are my options? What’s the difference between all the halls? I am #stressed. Please help me, a wee lamb just trying to make it to Chapel Hill in one piece!”

I was there once, too. We all were. But fear not! We’re here for you.

Below is a list of all the halls available to First Years for the 2017-2018 school year, what they offer, and what current students in those halls love about where they live!

Hinton James
Hinton James, affectionately known as HoJo, is the biggest First Year hall (with 10 whole floors!), making it a very social place. HoJo is coed and has 8-person suites with window AC units. It’s on South Campus and is super close to the Dean Dome.

“My favorite thing about HoJo is the energy and positive vibes. Coming home from Davis and walking into loud upbeat music playing in the lobby puts me in a good mood!” –Elysia Ruiz

“[My favorite thing about living in HoJo is] the view and sitting on the balcony. I also love the lively and diverse community of people.” –Shodeah Kelly 

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Change Your Room with ‘Room Swap’

Starting July 1, Room Swap opens for first-year students

In May, UNC Housing announced the release of a new feature in the Housing Selection Process – Room Swap! With Room Swap, students can easily search for open spaces in every residence hall and apartment community available to them and make changes to their housing assignment on their own. And now, this feature will also be available to first-year students from July 1 – August 1!

So what does this mean and how do I swap?

This means that if you weren’t 100% happy with your assigned location, or you find someone different who you want to room with, you can go in and make the changes yourself. Swapping rooms is limited by room availability, of course, but now you have the ability to view what is available on your own.

Room Swap is located in Step #9 of your housing application, located at Once you’re in the correct step, the Room Swap link should be located on the far right of the page.

Now that you’re in Room Swap, you’ll see the list of buildings available to you. Try clicking into each building, as some will have open rooms and other will not. Once you find the building you want, with rooms available in it, it’s time to pick the right room for you!

Building Selection on Room Swap
Building Selection

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Top 7 Housing Selection Mistakes

Tips for a better chance of getting a housing assignment you love

It’s time to think about where you want to live next year, and we want to help you get the best assignment you possibly can. Unfortunately, some students get caught off guard with their housing by not understanding how it all works. Avoid these classic missteps some students make in the Housing Selection Process: Continue reading Top 7 Housing Selection Mistakes

FAQs: Housing Selection Process

NOTE: This information does not pertain to incoming students. First-year and transfer students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: How does the process work when choosing a specific room within a residence hall?

A: Please visit the UNC Housing website for more details about the housing selection process.

Q: What are the major changes to the housing selection process for the upcoming year?

A: The major change is that suite selection is now online as part of the overall housing selection process. The online system calls this “groups.” You can create and then share group information, which will allow any of you to place the others into a suite.

Q: Will the fact that my roommate for next year is a rising senior while I am a rising junior affect the housing selection process?

A: You’ll both get different selection times, so the one with the better time should pick for your group.

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FAQs: Apartments

NOTE: This information does not pertain to first-year students. First-year students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: Which buildings in Ram Village have shared rooms and which have single rooms?

A: Ram Village 1, 3, 5 and Taylor Hall (RV 4) all  have private bedrooms.  Ram Village 2 has shared bedrooms.

Q: Are there two bedroom apartments in Ram Village?

A: There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom style apartments available in Ram Village.

Q: Which buildings in Ram Village have laundry machines?

A: Laundry rooms are located in Ram Village 1 and Ram Village 5.

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FAQs: Residence Halls

Q: Which residence halls have the smallest ratio of number of people per bathroom?

A: Hardin, Horton, Koury and Craige North are all suite-style, so each has four students per bathroom.

Q: Which residence halls will be renovated in the future?

A: This summer, Parker, Avery and Teague are getting wood floors, and Hinton James is getting wood floors and renovated bathrooms.  The renovations in Ehringhaus will also finish before fall with the completion of new bathrooms.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that Hardin is going to be an all-female residence hall next year. Is this true?

A: Yes, that is true.  First-year students will mostly be placed on the southern part of campus next year, so an all-female building needs to be available. Also, Parker will become a coed building next year.

Q: Does acceptance in an LLC guarantee placement into the residence hall where the LLC is located?

A: Yes. If you’re accepted into a Living-Learning Community, a space is reserved for you in that residence hall.

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FAQs: Studying Abroad

Q: What happens if my roommate ends up studying abroad in the spring? Will I have a single for that semester or will I get a replacement roommate?

A: You could choose to either buy out the space or name a new roommate. If you do not take one of those options, you may be assigned a random roommate.

Q: If one decides to study abroad during the school year, will housing contracts prevent one (monetarily) from doing so? Would another person be added to the room or would the spot be left vacant?

A: Your space might be filled, but there is no penalty charged if you’re studying abroad.

Q: If a friend is studying abroad but doesn’t find out until after housing decisions have been made, could someone else who has already chosen housing take the room for the semester instead?

A: Sure, just contact UNC Housing to work that out.

FAQs: Morrison SuperSuites

NOTE: This information does not pertain to first-year students. First-year students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: How many SuperSuites are located in Morrison?

A: There are a total of 36 SuperSuites. Most have 6 spaces each (3 double rooms with a common area), but a few have less than that because of building design.

Q: What is the housing selection process for the Morrison SuperSuites for next year?

A: Plans are still being finalized for the SuperSuite selection. An email will be sent to all students and more information will be available on the UNC Housing website once those details are confirmed.