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A Happy Heeloween

My first Tar Heel Halloween experience

My friends and I (left) dressed as our favorite beverages in Morrison residence hall before venturing to Franklin Street on Halloween.

Halloween on Franklin Street: I’ve heard about the legendary event for years, but never knew exactly what it consisted of. As first years, my friends and I were eager to participate in the Carolina tradition, and we now know what a successful Heeloween is made of.

Costumes. There was talk of Halloween costumes months in advance. It’s tricky to come up with a costume that’s original, easily identifiable and not too complicated or expensive to make. After months of debate and a rainy, cold trip to Target, a few of my friends and I decided to go as our favorite beverages. I dressed as a coffee cup, my roommate was a juice box, and two of our other friends went as a Mountain Dew and a YooHoo. We made our costumes using poster-board, Sharpies and string.

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Passing the Leadership Torch

UNC students attend conference to improve residence life

By Kinsey Richardson, UNC-RHA National Communications Coordinator

Delegates from UNC RHA and LOUIE the Lion dress up for the opening ceremonies.

“R-O-C-K! You rock! You rock!” College students from all across the nation and other countries as well could be heard screaming this cheer at the top of their lungs. Along with several other UNC students,   I attended the annual NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) as part of my role in UNC’s Residence Hall Association (RHA). We congregated together for one reason: to improve residence halls (not dorms) in colleges and universities.

Hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder, the 2012 NACURH conference paid tribute to the upcoming summer Olympic Games with a theme of “passing the leadership torch.” As members of Residence Hall Associations (RHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), we were encouraged and challenged to be leaders and create innovative and effective programs that would benefit the residents at our respective schools. Presentations about different cultures, sex education, leadership, GLBTSA issues and much more were given during the conference. Though NACURH serves to provide informative programs that students can bring back to their campuses, the conference is not designed to be dull lectures and socials…

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Connorstock 2012

Annual music festival adds a new philanthropic twist

Some students played volleyball, while others sat with friends during the music festival.

Connorstock has been a residence life community government (RHA) tradition for at least four years. Towards the end of the school year, many Carolina students gather on the Connor Community lawn for a day of music, dancing, food and fun.

The entertainment lineup consisted of several a cappella groups including the UNC Achordants, the Walk Ons and the Tarpeggios. Two singer/songwriters, Catie King and Myriad Sunrise, also played. Other group performances included a dance from Kamikazi and songs played by the Carolina Ukulele Ensemble.

Food at the event included ice cream, funnel cakes and fried Oreos.

And new for this year was an opportunity for community service: students could register to be part of the Bone Marrow Registry.

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Student Artist Showcase

Collection of student artwork enlivens campus living spaces

photo of Aleise
Aleise’s photographic art will be installed in Craige and Ehringhaus halls.

Aleise Preslar was browsing the Housing website one day looking for part-time job openings, when she stumbled upon the call for entries to the 5th Annual Student Art Exhibit and decided to submit her work.

Now, her work will be on display for many years to come, in the public spaces of Craige and Ehringhaus residence halls.

The jurors for the exhibit selected nine of Aleise’s pieces of digital photographic art to be added to Housing’s permanent student art collection.

Aleise said she was motivated to submit her work because the show provided a chance to display her work publicly for the first time. She also wanted to contribute to the art collections in the residence halls.

As for finding subjects for her artwork, Aleise says she observes things in her surroundings that are interesting. She makes the subject her own by emphasizing and subduing the dimensions of color and contrast.

Aleise mostly taught herself what she knows about photography and digital art, and she is registered for JOMC 180 next semester to learn more about photojournalism.

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Tunnel of Oppression

How have you been hurt?

These were of a few of the secrets that Tunnel participants posted.

This question was featured in the lobby of Cobb last week when students checked in to go through the Tunnel of Oppression. Students could post their secrets on notecards, and the chilling words were only the beginning of a very thought-provoking experience.  My journey through Tunnel lasted about an hour and a half, but its impact will be seen in my everyday life.

For those who have not experienced Tunnel, it is a series of scenes discussing different types of oppressions.  Topics ranged from learning disabilities, religion, sexual assault, human trafficking, homophobia and race. An important aspect of the program is that the stories of oppression were true stories that had happened to actual UNC students. The stories were voluntarily submitted, and in the program, the identities of the victims were kept anonymous. The impact on me was much stronger when I found out that things like sexual abuse, racism, and poverty had happened to my own peers.

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Holi Moli!

Hindu festival of colors is a Carolina tradition

Carolina, spring has sprung.  What better way to celebrate the change of season than by throwing paint at your fellow Tar Heels?

Every March, Hindus and Sikhs mark the arrival of spring with a huge celebration called Holi Moli.  Traditionally celebrated in North India, Holi draws large crowds of people who throw water and colored powder on each other.  This festival has been going on for centuries and cultivates a spirited good time across all castes, classes, ages, and genders. Holi Moli is about channeling the energy and life of the new season.

You can do it too!  Here at Carolina, you simply sign up, receive your packets of colored powder, and show up on the day of the festival decked out in white, ready for some fun.  Join your fellow schoolmates in running around the quad streaked in multiple dyes.  Holi Moli is sure to be a liberating experience that you must try at least once during your years at UNC.

Photos by Brittany Darst



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Going pro in the kitchen

Learn healthy recipes that you can make in your residence hall

Students watch as Chef Paul cooks.
Learning from a master chef.

Have you been to any community events sponsored by Carolina Dining Services? Earlier in the semester, Cobb community had one with Chef Paul Calice, Executive Chef of Carolina Dining Services. I went to this event and learned how to make cake in a cup!  While eating out is nice, there are many ways to make a hearty meal right in your residence hall.

About 20 excited students and RAs filed into the small meeting room in Lenoir next to Jamba Juice and soon the real fun began.  Chef Paul informed us that eating healthily does not have to be difficult nor expensive; on the contrary it could be fun, fast, and oh-so cheap.

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Camping out can be super

A record number of students–and tents–turned out for Suite Selection

Students camped out for 5 days to insure their spots in Super Suites

Over 900 students turned out for this year’s Suite Selection event.  Some students even began camping out on Wednesday night for 6 nights for the coveted Super Suites.  Of the four groups who began then, all made it until Tuesday morning, sometimes camping in the rain, but they got the suites they wanted.

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You won the (Housing) lottery!

At the DTH Housing fair, students entered their names for early housing picks

Megan, marketing intern, draws the names of the lottery winners

12 winners, along with Kayla from the CRIBS Photo Contest, will be the first students to pick their housing in the Housing Selection Process for school next year.

The winners were randomly drawn from 392 entries, and they have been notified by email. They will choose their housing once current residents decide whether they want to reclaim their same room or apartment.

You can enter this contest every year at the DTH Housing Fair! Make sure you attend next February to enter the lottery and learn more about your living options.

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