With the recent crimes happening on North Campus, would you still consider all the dorms equally safe?

What is the best room on campus?

What are the up-sides of living in hall-style residence halls?

Is on campus living significantly more or less expensive than off campus living? Or are they about the same?

Which style of residence hall offers the best feeling of community?

How rewarding are Living Learning Communities in terms of getting to know your fellow residents?

I just got admitted into the business school so next semester I have to take classes at McColl south campus and some classes on north campus, while my roommate is just taking classes on north campus. Which dorms should we consider to live in next semester if we have to take classes on opposite ends of campus?

What is the best community for sophomores?

What are the most convenient dorms to live in as far as keeping up a car goes? (i.e. has mot abundant parking, closest to parking garages, etc)

I find myself often bored sometimes on the weekends and always try to find things to do on campus without much luck. I was just wondering where can one have a social life if there are no athletic events that day or you are not in greek life?