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Open House series

Not sure where you want to live next year?

Don’t worry! Housing is giving you the opportunity to visit and tour 10 of the communities on campus, so YOU can decide what is the best fit for you!

Over the next five weeks, there will be two open houses each Wednesday from 5-7 pm. You come by, ask questions and see rooms in the community.

The schedule is as follows:

  • January 18: Connor and Carmichael
  • January 25*: Ram Village 1, Odum Village and Parker
  • February 1: Kenan and Cobb
  • February 8: Lower Quad and Upper Quad
  • February 15: Morrison, Craige North, and the Ehaus remodeled room

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Why do you live on campus?

The reason why students want to stay on campus and why some want to leave

These words represent the top reasons why students want to live on campus.

In November, Housing sent out a survey asking students about their experience and their opinion on potential changes.

The survey showed that there are many reasons why students live on campus.  Almost all said that they wanted to be close to class and other campus resources.

However, not all students want to live on campus again. The main reason is because students want their own rooms.

What is your plan for next year?

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Top 10 study snacks

The top 10 things to munch that won’t leave you in an exam slump

Bagel sandwich with meat, cream cheese, and vegetables
Healthy sandwich for on-the-go


Finals are quickly approaching.  With the stress of papers and the ever-present all-nighter, your brain could use all the help it can get.  Try these healthy snacks that will keep your mind fresh and your taste buds satisfied.

1. Yogurt: Pack some yogurt in your backpack along with a crunchy cereal of choice and your favorite fruits to mix in.  The carbs from the cereal will give you energy while the protein in yogurt will keep you feeling full all the way through your calc review session. Continue reading Top 10 study snacks

Winner winner chicken dinner

Final results for #besthallever photo contest announced

Winners of the Best Hall Ever photo contest
Photo contest winners pick up their prize at SASB.

The scoreboard is complete, and let it be known—this was no wimpy contest. Contestants rallied their halls and collected hundreds of votes to earn these ranks among sixteen entries:

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This November, sixteen groups of residents from all over UNC showed off their community pride. From group costumes to hurricane survivors, their photos told the story of why Carolina students believe they have the best hall ever.

Residents from the second floor of Everett pose together
Residents of Everett 2nd Floor pose in honor of their hall's long history.

For residents of the second floor of Everett, community pride is all about history—and a 48-year-old inside joke.

“The ROGAH tradition was started in 1963 by a few guys in what was then an all-male hall, Everett,” says resident Scott Hiers. “We found out about it through various entries in the Yackety Yack (our school’s yearbook). When we saw the camaraderie and brotherhood of older times, we knew we wanted to bring the tradition back.” Although they eventually discovered the meaning of the acronym ROGAH through contacting “the original Rogahman, Sam Shapiro,” they are determined to guard the secret of its meaning.

This shared secret has created a strong bond among Everett’s second-floor residents. “We have developed a sort of group identity based off ROGAH,” says Scott. “The different issues of the Yackety Yack make it quite clear that ROGAH was at one time pretty risqué. It was a way of life that one might expect from college men years ago, complete with cat-calling female passersby and having an ever-fluctuating BAC. However, over time the tradition evolved to embody competitiveness, spontaneity, and community. The people on our hall have chosen to bring back the latter more so than the former, but we still get a good laugh when we hear stories of Everett’s more crazy past.”  Continue reading #besthallever

Is the grass greener?

Open house provides a glimpse into the rooms available on north campus


Interior view of Cobb dorm room
Interior view of a room in Cobb Hall

According to a survey by the UNC Housing Department many students requested to see the rooms in north campus residence halls.  In response, Housing set up an open house in Cobb and Old East  to give curious students an opportunity to see what these halls look like and get a feel for the atmosphere.  I attended the open house in both halls to catch up with students who are considering moving north and to find out all of the things that north campus has to offer.

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Deck the halls

How Sub-Free LLC is getting into the holiday spirit

by Katie Jansen, guest blogger

photo of Katie and Kathleen at their door
My roommate, Kathleen, and I introducing our snazzy snowman to the halls of Joyner.

The whispers began in the bathroom on a Sunday evening. The events for the upcoming week had been posted, as always, on all the mirrors, and at the end of this week’s list was something new. Something creative. Something exciting. Something that generated whispers among all the girls on our hall.

It was a two-week-long door decorating contest put on by the Substance-Free Living-Learning Community, and anything in the spirit of fall, winter, and the holidays was up for grabs. The plotting began; who isn’t up for a little healthy competitive holiday cheer? My roommate, Kathleen, and I laid awake late into the night, dreaming up a scheme that would win this year’s prize for best decorated door. Continue reading Deck the halls

You get a Kindle and you get a Kindle!

Two students won Kindle Fires for filling out the Housing survey

Photo of two students
Winner Zach Mayo receives his Kindle Fire.

Housing  sent out a survey in November to students via email asking them about their housing experience and their opinion about potential changes for 2012-2013.  Students who filled out the survey were entered into a drawing with the chance to win one of 2 Kindle Fires or 5 Kindle Touches.  The two grand prize winners are featured below.

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How is it already time for finals?

Keep calm and rock those finals with these study tips

  • Don’t cram–I know that during exam week, this is difficult especially if you have two exams on the same day.  Try to spread out your studying as much as possible. Utilize the reading days as much as you can. And I know you don’t want hear this, but if your exam is cumulative, you may want to begin reviewing those notes from August and September over Thanksgiving break.
Picture of a study lounge
The lobby of Kenan is one of my favorite places to study.
  • Find a study spot that works for you–We all have that spot that works best for us, whether it is the back corner of the 8th floor of Davis, a certain study lounge in your residence hall or in your room. But find that spot were you can focus and get least distracted.
  • Find a study method that works for you–If you need to memorize basic information, flash cards always work for me. If you have questions, run them by other classmates. Just make sure your studying always follows the honor code. Continue reading How is it already time for finals?