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Notes from a Large-Scale Housing Veteran

A blaring siren cuts through the darkness of the room. I roll over and cover myself with my pillow, pretending this isn’t happening. Not now, not today… A sigh comes from beneath my lofted bed. My roommate grumbles as he slips into his Nike slides. I reluctantly sloth down from my mattress padded palace as he open our door. Light from the suite hallway floods our faces, causing me to squint. The obnoxious alarm, which I thought couldn’t get any worse, is now twice as loud and accompanied by strobing emergency lights. I pass by my half-awake suitemates and exit onto the hall balcony.

All ten stories of Morrison are up out of their beds.
Everyone is up. And everyone is angry.

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Last Minute Housing Questions?

Hey, UNC class of 2018! The priority deadline for the housing application is only two days away! If you have any last minute questions, now is the time to ask. First, check out the resources below, and if they don’t answer your question, leave a comment on this post so we can help you out! Housing staff will be checking in today and tomorrow to get your questions answered before you submit on Thursday, May 15th. Finish it by midnight that day to get first priority for room selection.

General resources:

The Incoming First Year Guide to Housing

The First Year Experience

Where should I live?

Communities at a Glance

Living-Learning Communities

What will my room look like?

Room dimensions, floor plans and furniture information

UNC Housing Facebook photos

Also check out the other posts on this blog for more information about Living-Learning Communities, community events and searching for a roommate.

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