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The scoop on Hinton James

What it’s really like living in HJ

Photos of RAs at front desk
The main lobby in HJ is a fun place!

Now that all first-year students have gotten their assignments, the real fun begins. Excitement and anxiety are mounting as move-in day nears. With Hinton James welcoming 852 first-year students (29% of all first-years) into its community this fall, you’re probably wondering, “What’s it really like?”

Surely many of you have heard one thing or another about good ol’ HJ. Perhaps you’ve read about the history of Hinton James and its namesake, or maybe your parents stayed there many years ago. No matter your preconceived notions, I have the inside scoop just for you, as a former HoJo resident myself.

What are the people like?

A 10-floor tower bustling with energy, Hinton James is known most for its wonderful residents. The co-ed residence hall has suite-style rooms with eight students per suite. With so many first-years choosing to live in this residence hall, making friends is a breeze. Hinton James is truly a community; the residents, RAs, and staff are always friendly, which really builds a sense of camaraderie beyond the walls of the building.

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Four Years of Roommate Bliss

Tips from experience for roommate success

One of the most exciting parts about going off to college is choosing a roommate. Whether you left the decision to random selection or decided to share a space with your best friend, there is a balance that you must maintain to live in harmony.  Meet Jonathan Sanchez and Frederick Jones—they have lived together for all four years of their college experience.  Check out how they became roommates and their advice for getting along with your own.

Good friends and long-time roommates displaying their fraternity symbols
Good friends and long-time roommates displaying their fraternity symbols.

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The Summer School Connection

How a UNC summer impacted my friendships and my Carolina experience

Photo of Simone and friends
In summer school, I felt like I had plenty of time to relax with my friends.

How are you spending your summer this year? I bet summer school is the last thing on your mind. It was certainly the last thing on my mind after my freshman year, but I decided to take the advice of my peers and see what a summer at Carolina was all about.

After my first year at Carolina was wrapping up, the campus was buzzing with excitement for summer school. It never occurred to me that summer sessions could be fun, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up for both sessions and braced myself for the summer ahead!

Finding friends

I was only acquainted with my summer roommate prior to moving in, but over the course of the summer, we became extremely tight. I also met some great people along the way who I now consider to be some of my closest friends.

For both summer sessions, I lived in summer school housing in Aycock in Lower Quad. Those dorms are hall-style, so you share a bathroom with your entire hall—you’d be surprised how many people you meet while brushing your teeth! When everyone lives in the same area, it’s fairly simple to join in on a volleyball game or meet people who you pass by every day in the hall.

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Holi Moli!

Hindu festival of colors is a Carolina tradition

Carolina, spring has sprung.  What better way to celebrate the change of season than by throwing paint at your fellow Tar Heels?

Every March, Hindus and Sikhs mark the arrival of spring with a huge celebration called Holi Moli.  Traditionally celebrated in North India, Holi draws large crowds of people who throw water and colored powder on each other.  This festival has been going on for centuries and cultivates a spirited good time across all castes, classes, ages, and genders. Holi Moli is about channeling the energy and life of the new season.

You can do it too!  Here at Carolina, you simply sign up, receive your packets of colored powder, and show up on the day of the festival decked out in white, ready for some fun.  Join your fellow schoolmates in running around the quad streaked in multiple dyes.  Holi Moli is sure to be a liberating experience that you must try at least once during your years at UNC.

Photos by Brittany Darst



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Going pro in the kitchen

Learn healthy recipes that you can make in your residence hall

Students watch as Chef Paul cooks.
Learning from a master chef.

Have you been to any community events sponsored by Carolina Dining Services? Earlier in the semester, Cobb community had one with Chef Paul Calice, Executive Chef of Carolina Dining Services. I went to this event and learned how to make cake in a cup!  While eating out is nice, there are many ways to make a hearty meal right in your residence hall.

About 20 excited students and RAs filed into the small meeting room in Lenoir next to Jamba Juice and soon the real fun began.  Chef Paul informed us that eating healthily does not have to be difficult nor expensive; on the contrary it could be fun, fast, and oh-so cheap.

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Top 10 study snacks

The top 10 things to munch that won’t leave you in an exam slump

Bagel sandwich with meat, cream cheese, and vegetables
Healthy sandwich for on-the-go


Finals are quickly approaching.  With the stress of papers and the ever-present all-nighter, your brain could use all the help it can get.  Try these healthy snacks that will keep your mind fresh and your taste buds satisfied.

1. Yogurt: Pack some yogurt in your backpack along with a crunchy cereal of choice and your favorite fruits to mix in.  The carbs from the cereal will give you energy while the protein in yogurt will keep you feeling full all the way through your calc review session. Continue reading Top 10 study snacks

Is the grass greener?

Open house provides a glimpse into the rooms available on north campus


Interior view of Cobb dorm room
Interior view of a room in Cobb Hall

According to a survey by the UNC Housing Department many students requested to see the rooms in north campus residence halls.  In response, Housing set up an open house in Cobb and Old East  to give curious students an opportunity to see what these halls look like and get a feel for the atmosphere.  I attended the open house in both halls to catch up with students who are considering moving north and to find out all of the things that north campus has to offer.

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Why live on campus? An inside look

The Resident Advisor Perspective of On-Campus Living

photo of Irene
Irene is an RA in Ram Village


In addition to being a resident of the wonderful Taylor Hall, Irene is also the Resident Advisor for the first and second floors.  I caught up with Irene this week to find out more about her experiences and what makes living on campus so great.

Name: Irene Neequaye

Year: Senior

Major: Anthropology and Global Studies double major

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Housing Status:  On-campus, Taylor Hall aka Ram Village 4.





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