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How to Survive Finals Week!

June 10, 2018

Finals week can be an incredibly overwhelming end to the semester as your classes cram all the material you have learned into one test. In addition to studying, a lot, there are numerous ways for you to ensure your finals … Continued

Best Ways To Get To Know Your Residence Hall!

June 3, 2018

When moving into a new residence hall, meeting people can be a daunting task because it seems like everyone is fixed on their own routine. However, the vast majority of students are eager to meet new friends and are simply … Continued

Tips on Making Your 8 A.M Class!

June 2, 2018

For many college students, having an 8 a.m. class in their schedule can be a terrible way to start the day. However, that does not have to be the case! By making small adjustments in your routine, and picking the … Continued

How to Make the Most of Your Dorm Room Space

May 23, 2018

Making a dorm room your “second home” for a school year can be a daunting task. Given that you have limited dorm space, it is vital to organize your room to utilize as much space as possible. By following this … Continued

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