Pit Sit Playlist

July 17, 2016

Here’s what we’re listening to when we’re out in the Pit! Come find the Shark and Banana dancing to this mix of classics, throwbacks, and current chart toppers!

Notes from a Large-Scale Housing Veteran

July 13, 2016

A blaring siren cuts through the darkness of the room. I roll over and cover myself with my pillow, pretending this isn’t happening. Not now, not today… A sigh comes from beneath my lofted bed. My roommate grumbles as he … Continued

Shortcuts Across Campus

June 22, 2016

Chapel Hill can be a bit overwhelming, especially the size of campus. We student interns here at the housing office thought it would extremely benefit first year students to tell them about all of the wonderful shortcuts we didn’t know our … Continued

The Interns: An Office Parody

June 1, 2016

Did those Meet the Blogger posts give you an idea of who we are? Can’t get enough of our addictive personalities (this is a joke, please don’t take that seriously)? The short “documentary” series The Interns goes through a typical … Continued

Meet The Bloggers: Luke Gaines

May 26, 2016

Hi, my name is Luke Gaines and I am Carolina Housing’s summer’s video production intern! You’ll be seeing a lot of videos about tips and tricks for things relating to living on campus this summer. If you have any comments … Continued