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Home Sweet Home?

They say college is a new beginning. Where you’re finally free to live a life away from your parents and play it by your own rules.

But after about a month or two you start missing those home cooked meals, the soft hum of the downstairs TV playing Monday night football as you fall asleep and free laundry.

Trust me, I’m tearing up as I type.

But lucky you, here are 10 things to make your dorm feel more like home sweet home.


  1. Area Rug

The first thing you need to cop is an area rug. Trust me, this will transform the feng shui of your room just like that (snaps fingers). And plus, if you have a lofted bed and aren’t lucky enough to afford a futon, a rug is a great in-between.

So, grab a fluffy pillow and a blanket and make something shake. This is the one I have:

  1. Standing Lamp

All dorms have the standard top light that is so yellow it hurts, and if you share a room it’s over for studying after 11. However, the soft incandescence of a standing lamp gives your room a comfy vibe and enough light to study amongst a sleeping roommate. And plus it’s excellent for catching that highlight in late night turnup selfies.

This one has storage space:

  1. Homey Scent

They say that smell links us the closest to memories, more so than any other sense. And this is nothing but facts. So, grab a couple of Glade and Airwick plugins that give you that homey feel. So basically, anything pumpkin spice.

  1. Comfy Blankets

Personally I don’t like getting under my covers if I haven’t showered. I know I’m weird. But, have no fear, a huge and comfy blanket adds to the homey feel and also keeps you warm during those daily 3 hour naps. Yes I take 3 hour naps and so will you.

A plain Jane comforter separate from the one you use at night works just as well. I honestly like it better, it’s cheaper and softer.

The 3-hour-nap blanket:|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|50950586|0

The comfy comforter:

  1. Body Pillow (Accent Pillows)

This is an essential for a good night’s rest. Lay that sucker around you and you’ll check out in, tops, 5 minutes. Also, big accent pillows with your favorite colors and designs add to the homey vibes.

Home Goods and TJ Maxx has this department down pact and for the low low.

  1. Mood Board

This is a DIY project that adds so much to a room. Just gather pictures of your hopes, dreams and future Mercedes Benz.

Or you could do a “put you in the mood” board, by cutting out or drawing things that put you in a certain mood or take you back to a certain time (i.e a collage of 90’s Hip Hop and R&B vibes, because I grew up on Destiny’s Child and Sade).

Just stick them on a pinboard and hang it up. This will immediately add color to those bland walls and give your guest a taste of what makes you, you. Also, photos of friends and family always add a homey touch.

  1. Books

For some reason the look and smell of books automatically say home. So bring your favorite books and stack them haphazardly around your room for a more cultured look and to feel more at home.

  1. Fairy Lights

This is a great way to set the mood for late night talks with friends or random movie nights. String these dainty lights along your walls and around your bed posts for a starry night.

  1. Candle Warmer

This is a great alternative for candles. It gives you the same warmth without the hazard.

This one has a nice aesthetic:

  1. Record Player

Now if you ballin’ like a bigshot, a record player is a nice addition to a room and is a sure fire way to make you a housing hit. Just pick out albums that remind you of home and play those suckers on repeat for endless nostalgia.

I say Anita Baker is a good first pick. You’ll thank me later:

Although these things still don’t make the laundry free, a comfy piece or two always helps with the homesickness. But don’t worry too much, UNC quickly becomes your home away from home.



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