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Introducing CaroLaundry

Hold a machine, sign up for text alerts…even nudge the last user!

In partnership with the UNC OneCard Office, we are thrilled to introduce CaroLaundry — a host of super-convenient laundry features for campus residents that will have recent graduates enviously exclaiming, “Hey, wait! They didn’t have that when I was at UNC!”

Photo of residents using CaroLaundry service
Residents reserve machines with CaroLaundry!

Beginning in August of 2013, residents will be able to see which washing machines and dryers are available in any laundry room on campus, put a five-minute hold on a machine, receive email/text notifications that a laundry cycle is done and notify the last user that their clothes are ready — all from a mobile-friendly website.

How does CaroLaundry work?

When you swipe your UNC OneCard in a residence hall laundry room, the card reader connects your UNC OneCard contact information with the washing machine or dryer you’re using, making the following time-saving features possible:


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Dream Room Contest

Photo of prize number 3
Prize #3 contains an insulated tumbler, padded laptop pouch, a teal bathrobe and a set of pink towels.

Pin your ideas for a chance to win

The third contest in our Summer Contest Series will take place on Pinterest! If you’d like to participate, simply pin anything that represents your ultimate dream residence hall room on this pinboard:

One pinner will be randomly chosen to win the prize pack shown at right! Be sure to pin by July 15 at noon to enter.

Contest Details:

–Pinners will each be entered once.
–The winner will be selected randomly.
–Pinning more does not increase your odds of winning.
–To identify the winner, we will “like” the winning pin and repin the photo to a new pinboard titled, “WINNER – Dream Room Contest”
–We will also announce the winner’s first name and last initial on Facebook and Twitter.
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What are you doing this summer?

This week's prize is a grey boyfriend pillow, a purple lamp, and a digital alarm clock.
This week’s prize is a grey boyfriend pillow, a purple lamp, and a digital alarm clock.


Share your experience for a chance to win

During these precious summer days before coming (back) to Carolina, what are you up to? Share a brief story about your summer travels, service projects, jobs, internships, activities or whatever else you are doing between now and move-in weekend.

To be entered into the random prize drawing, the deadline to post a comment is June 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

 Congratulations to Sharla S. our lucky winner!




How do you handle tough roommate conversations?

Let’s be real — even if you love your roommate unconditionally, there will come a time when you need to communicate your expectations and boundaries in order to maintain a positive relationship. How have you handled bringing up these conversations?

  • Do you take advantage of your RA’s neutral role as a mediator?
  • Do you find it easier to just talk 1:1 with your roommate?
  • Did you go through the process of sketching out a roommate agreement?
  • Has your ability to communicate about things like this improved since you came to Carolina?

Top 7 Housing Selection Mistakes

Tips for a better chance of getting a housing assignment you love

It’s time to think about where you want to live next year, and we want to help you get the best assignment you possibly can. Unfortunately, some students get caught off guard with their housing by not understanding how it all works. Avoid these classic missteps some students make in the Housing Selection Process: Continue reading Top 7 Housing Selection Mistakes

Tell us why you love your RA.

The role of an RA is to help residents get connected to UNC and create a sense of community on the hall. We invite you to share examples of how your RA has done a great job or made a difference on your hall this semester.

Do you really love your RA? Did you know you can nominate your RA for a Chancellor’s Award? The Keith Shawn Smith Award for Community Development and Mentorship is now recognized as a Chancellor’s Award. The deadline to nominate your RA is February 21.

What’s the best way to get to know people in your residence hall?

Have you had success with going to community events? Inviting someone to go to dinner or to the gym? Do you think the suite-style or hall-style floor plan had any impact? If you’ve lived on campus before, compare your experience this year with other years.

Share your thoughts here, keeping in mind this board is public. Include your email address if you are a current student and you wish to be entered in the contest to win one of 14 Top Lottery Picks! Winners announced Feb. 6, 2013.

FAQs: Single Rooms

NOTE: This information does not pertain to incoming students. First-year and transfer students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: Which halls on campus offer single rooms? Are there any other single rooms available on campus that are not in Cobb?

A: Single rooms inventories are available on the Room Comparison Chart.          

Q: What are the possibilities of getting a single room as a rising sophomore? How hard is it to get a single through the Housing Selection Process?

A: It’s very unlikely that a rising sophomore would be able to select a single, because there are very few singles in general. Also, there will be many current juniors/seniors who are trying to get single rooms.


In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of living on/moving off campus?

Share what type of things you consider when making your decision about housing for next year. Be mindful that this board is public. Include your email address if you are a current student and you wish to be entered in the contest to win one of 14 Top Lottery Picks! Winners announced Feb. 6.

Read one student’s list of pros for campus apartments in The Village Life: Top 10 reasons to live in an on-campus apartment. Do you agree or not? Share why.