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Is that really Craige?

Remodeling project off to a strong start

A gutted old bathroom (left) and a fresh, updated bathroom (right).

by Heather Robertson, 2012-2013 RHA President

As the incoming RHA president, I have had the privilege of attending some renovation meetings as well as watching the progress of the summer remodeling project.  I think the most impressive transformation so far is the Craige bathrooms. Instead of the outdated green tiles original to the building, the bathrooms now have modern off-white and brown tiles. This color scheme is clean and simple.

Bathrooms are also getting decked out with new wooden blinds and a wooden bench opposite the toilet. In addition, the new sinks are mounted higher and have a single-handle faucet. Overall, the bathrooms are going to look brand new compared to the old ones, and I am sure that you are going to love them!

Team High Rise, the fantastic group of UNC staff and contract workers assigned to this project, is doing a great job in these buildings. They are sometimes working into the night and on the weekends to make sure that this project finishes on time and that rooms are ready for move-in in August.

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