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Friends, Food and Funnies

New to UNC? Get a glimpse of Carolina’s campus culture

UNC Class of 2017
The UNC Class of 2017 Facebook page is a great way to start talking with other first-year students. (Source: UNC Class of 2017)

UNC Class of 2017: This Facebook page is a perfect way for incoming first-years to meet other students and start talking about classes, orientation, roommates and more. I still use the one for my year, Class of 2014, to find stuff like cheap textbooks. It can definitely come in handy.

Carolina Advice tumblr: This is another great resource for incoming first-year students. Submit any question you have about life at UNC, and one of three current first-years will respond. What makes this page so great is that because all of the writers come from different backgrounds and have different interests, most of the answers come from their own personal experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever’s on your mind – it’s completely anonymous! The page also posts lots of other great information, like news and events happening in the Carolina community.

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Top 10 Move-Out Reminders

During Finals Week, it’s easy to forget those last few things on your to-do list.

1. Take a Study Break – Make these last few days on campus before the semester ends worth it.

If your summer is going to be anything like mine, your days are limited until work, internships, summer school, awkward reunions with hometown friends and cheesy family vacations take over your life. While you’re still here, take some time to hang out in the arboretum on a sunny afternoon, play frisbee in Polk Place or have a night out with friends. With all the stress of exams, it’s hard to remember that it will be a solid three and a half months before most of us get to come back to the Hill.

Here are some events happening around campus to help you prepare for your exams:

PASS Exam Fair
Stop by the P.A.S.S. Exam Fair for snacks, crafts, scantrons, blue books and much more!
  • Finals Boot Camp, April 24-May 3 in SASB North. Stop by the Learning Center for snacks, quiet study areas, raffles and mini-workshops.
  • P.A.S.S. Exam Support Fair, Monday, April 29, 6-8 p.m. in the Union Great Hall. This event includes massages, craft stations, gaming stations, blue books, scantrons, make-your-own trail mix bar, pizza, Med Deli and much more! Sponsored by Student Wellness and Housing and Residential Education.
  • Reading Day Stress Relief with Campus Rec, Monday, April 29 in the SRC. Zumba: 4-5 p.m., Cardio Blast: 5:15-6 p.m., Muscle Cut: 6:15-7 p.m., Bliss Down Yoga: 7:15-8:15 p.m.

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Many Ways to Leave Your HEELprint

“Carolina Snapshots” exhibit highlights possibilities for campus involvement

If you were around campus last summer, you might have seen the “Carolina Snapshots” photo installation in the Carolina Union Art Gallery. As a way to introduce new students to what Carolina has to offer, it was created in order to showcase the diverse experiences of various individuals, groups and organizations on campus.

The exhibit will return again this summer with new photos and stories. Stop by the Carolina Union Art Gallery to check it out any time from June 2013 through August 2013. After that, the exhibit will travel to different Residence Hall communities across campus, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

If you want to share an experience to help inspire the newest Tar Heels this summer, there is still time left to submit a nomination for a friend, student group or yourself. The deadline is April 5, 2013 by 5:00 p.m.

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What Are the Perks?

Comparing the benefits of first-year housing options

Beginning in fall 2013, most first-year students will be assigned to live in one of the designated First Year Experience (FYE) Communities. Alternatively, first-year students can choose to apply to live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC). I know it might be a little confusing to decide which is right for you. Hopefully this diagram will help sort out most of the main differences between the FYE Communities and LLCs.

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Viewing the World Through WELL Goggles

LLC members in McIver learn new ways to think about important issues

The women of WELL
Living in WELL is a great opportunity to not only meet some of your new best friends, but to learn how to think critically about the world from a brand new perspective.

As one of my fellow bloggers, Megan, can attest to, being part of the Living-Learning Community WELL (Women Experiencing Learning & Leadership) is a great opportunity to really find your home away from home at Carolina. The women of WELL don’t just live together on a hall – instead, they become like a family.

As Elizabeth Lynch, who has lived in WELL for the past three years and is now the RA on the hall, put it, “I have lived in WELL since my sophomore year and it has been the best part of Carolina for me. It gave me a comfortable, encouraging and welcoming place to call home.”

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Love Your RA?

Nominate your RA for the Keith Shawn Smith Award by Thursday, Feb. 21

Has your RA made a positive impact on your Carolina experience this year? Let them know!

In remembrance of former RA Keith Shawn Smith, the award was created to honor exceptional RAs at UNC
The Keith Shawn Smith Award was created to honor RAs who have made a positive impact in their residents’ lives. Nominate your own awesome RA by Feb. 21!

In remembrance of Keith Shawn Smith, who was a Resident Advisor in Stacy Hall during the 2005-2006 academic year, the Department of Housing and Residential Education created the Keith Shawn Smith Award for Community Development and Mentorship.

The award, which is now recognized as a Chancellor’s Award, is granted to the RA who has created a strong community, meaningful mentoring relationships and campus connections. Most importantly, the RA must have made a positive impact on the community they serve. Continue reading Love Your RA?

Random Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way

LLC members win award for video about volunteering at Ronald McDonald House

Members of Service & Leadership volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill
Two members of the Service and Leadership LLC made a video about their experience volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill. The video won an award in a contest about random acts of kindness.

As part of their participation in the worldwide scavenger hunt GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) during Oct. 2012, Daena Vogt-Lowell and Karla Jimenez were tasked with making a video that shows a random act of kindness.

They decided that volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill with their Living-Learning Community, Service and Leadership (S&L), would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Ukuleles, Salsa Dancing and Journey Parodies

Living-Learning Community members show off what make their halls special

If you’re looking for a unique living experience, a Living-Learning Community is a great option. Whether you are new to Carolina and want to get connected with all that campus has to offer, or you want to live within a community of people who all have a common interest, there is definitely an LLC that is the perfect fit for you. Learn more about a few of these communities by watching the videos that members made to show why they love where they live.

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Fighting Off the ‘Sophomore Slump’

SYNC helps members manage stress and connect with campus resources

Through a workshop with Interactive Theatre Carolina, members of SYNC learned new ways to help relieve and manage stress.

The “Sophomore Slump” is a period that many students face during their second year of college.

The thrill and excitement from your first year on campus dies down, the pressure to finalize your major mounts, classes start getting tougher and balancing school with work, extracurricular activities, friends and family seems next to impossible.

Needless to say, the stress can be overwhelming.

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FAQs: Housing Selection Process

NOTE: This information does not pertain to incoming students. First-year and transfer students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: How does the process work when choosing a specific room within a residence hall?

A: Please visit the UNC Housing website for more details about the housing selection process.

Q: What are the major changes to the housing selection process for the upcoming year?

A: The major change is that suite selection is now online as part of the overall housing selection process. The online system calls this “groups.” You can create and then share group information, which will allow any of you to place the others into a suite.

Q: Will the fact that my roommate for next year is a rising senior while I am a rising junior affect the housing selection process?

A: You’ll both get different selection times, so the one with the better time should pick for your group.

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