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Written by: Darshana Saravanan, 2020 – 2021 Marketing Board || Residence Hall Association

Packing for college might seem simple, just take everything you think you need, right? Wrong! College life is a lot different than how we lived at home and sometimes we tend to bring things we don’t even need (I can personally vouch for that)! Here are Top 5 Things To Leave At Home!

ALL your shoes!

different pictures of different styles of shoes

When I packed for college, I brought a lot of footwear: everything from boots and heels, to tennis shoes and sandals. After an entire year at UNC, I realized I wore less than 50% of the entire collection of footwear I had brought! Here’s my advice: Only bring footwear you can comfortably walk in, a pair of rain boots or waterproof shoes, and a pair of fancy shoes for any special occasions. After walking miles every day to and from classes, you will not want to wear shoes that will cause your feet to ache.

Vacuums or Brooms/Dust Pans!

Mrs. Doubtfire coming into the frame playing a broom like a guitar

These items take up a lot of space in the car. So why not leave them at home! Vacuums, brooms and dust pans can be checked out at your main desk as one of the many enhancements your Residence Hall will provide. These will be available during move-in and throughout the semester.

Iron and/or Ironing Board

someone running a clothing iron across an ironing board quickly

Both of these items take up a lot of space in your dorm room so unless you are very keen on having ironed clothes, this is an item you can keep at home! Instead, another option that saves space that you can bring as a replacement is a handheld steamer.

Cooking Utensils

Donald Duck cracking two eggs above a bowl

Want to make some pasta? Or how about brownies? Well, don’t worry! You can avoid bringing cooking/baking utensils and instead check them out at your Residence Hall’s main desk.  For safety precautions, these items will not be available prior to August 24th.

Your ENTIRE Wardrobe!

someone watching their clothes pass by indicating they have a ton of clothes.

Pack smart! Bring your basics, comfortable clothing pieces, and items you know you will wear often. After all, you can always switch out your wardrobe when the seasons change!

For more What to Bring and What NOT to Bring items, visit the  Move-In Guide!

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