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Written by: Hannah Cruz, 2019-20 Marketing Manager || RHA

Congratulations! You have graduated High School and are now moving on to a new phase in your life. Transitioning from High School  to college can seem like a big step, especially as you move away from home and become more independent. If you are a little nervous, that is completely normal! Hopefully this “bucket list” of things to do before moving to campus will make you excited for everything you will experience at UNC!

Keep Your Mind Fresh

black book with "My Bucket List" scrolled across the front

Grab a book you’ve been putting off and read it! Once you start classes, the majority of your reading will be material related to your courses. Use this time to enjoy reading without an incentive of grades or deadlines. If you are looking for something new, a lot of libraries have e-books available so you can read from the comfort of your home.

Check Up On Your Health 

Stethoscope with heart beat and fake heart shape on a blue background

It’s important to make sure you have all the vaccines and check-ups required by UNC.  The deadline to submit your UNC Immunization Form is June 15 for the Fall semester. Check out Campus Health’s website for additional details! UNC also requires every student to have Health Insurance. Be sure to enroll in the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan or submit the waiver by September 10 for the Fall 2020 semester.

Write A Letter To Your Future Self

a hand with a pen scrolling across a page writing

A lot can happen during your four years at Carolina.  Consider writing a letter to your future self so you can read it once you have graduated. This will help you reflect on your college experience.  If you don’t want to hand write the letter, there are some websites that will schedule a letter to be sent to your email at a future date. If you do hand write the letter, make sure to put it in a place where you will be able to find it in four years. Don’t forget to set a reminder!

Get Familiar With Chapel Hill

skyline view of chapel hill at night

Chapel Hill is a vibrant and diverse town with many places to explore.  While you may not be able to physically visit Chapel Hill before moving to campus, look up videos or browse the internet for places you might want to visit off campus in the future.  For those who don’t have cars, one tip is to learn how the bus system works. It is a great way to get around campus and beyond!

Assess Your SMART Goals For The Year 

letters spelling SMART with the written words standing for each letter: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

Make note of what you want to accomplish this year.  Whether you set academic goals, personal goals, or both, break down goals into steps to make them easier to attain. College is an opportunity to explore new things and setting goals early can help you navigate your on-campus UNC experiences.

Old well

 Although the upcoming year will be different than years past, we hope this bucket list gets you excited for your first year at Carolina! Don’t forget to take some time for yourself over the summer to relax. We are going through an unprecedented time, but we will get through it together. Don’t forget to follow RHA and Carolina Housing on Social Media for event updates! Stay safe and healthy!

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