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By Giselle Pagunuran

If you’re like me, this cooler weather has you wanting to snuggle up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea in front of a good movie. I can’t help with the blanket or the tea, but I can recommend a couple of movies that go great with these fall vibes!



I’ll start the list off with a solid spooky movie. You might have already seen this movie one or two (or three or four) times since it was first released on Disney Channel in 1998. Whether or not you’ve seen it already, it’s guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit. Watching a couple kids use their magical powers to save their town from supernatural chaos never gets old.


Hocus Pocus


Whether or not it’s October 31st, Halloween movies are always a great move. There’s something about movies like Hocus Pocus that make me feel all nostalgic and cozy. Watch this movie if you want to see three sassy witches stir up some spooky drama.


When Harry Met Sally


If you wanted to be reminded of how we’re right in the middle of cuffing season, look no further. This 80s rom com is a classic for a reason. It’ll hit you right in your feelings and might have you wishing for a boo if you don’t already have one.




Winona Ryder was an absolute icon long before she was Will’s mom in Stranger Things. In this movie, she plays a high schooler in a clique of girls all named Heather. Heathers takes all the tropes of a John Hughes rom com and turns them up to a ridiculously dark level. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know, I love The Breakfast Club, but I wish there was more murderous scheming,” then maybe this movie is for you.


Dead Poets Society


This is the movie with that famous scene of all the students standing on their desks and saluting R    obin Williams’ character with the words “O captain! My captain!” Dead Poets Society is a whole rollercoaster of emotions. I would watch this movie with a box of tissues next to your cup of tea.

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