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By Giselle Pagunuran


Trying to decide where to live next year? We’ve got you!
I talked to Trinity Battle, a senior Pre-med Biology major living in Manly residence hall. She talked about her experiences with housing and gave some tips on how to figure out housing.

How long have you lived on campus?

All 7 semesters that I’ve been in college so far.

  • First year – Hardin
  • Second year – Morrison
  • Third year – Manly
  • Fourth Year – Manly

How did you choose the residence halls you’ve lived in?

Coming in as a freshman, I didn’t know much about other housing options such as off-campus apartments or on-campus apartments. It seemed easiest to just live on campus so that I didn’t have to worry about how I’m getting to campus.

Why did you choose to keep living on campus all four years?

During my junior year, I really enjoyed living in Manly because it was basically at the center of campus. It’s super close to the cafeterias, libraries, and all my classes. In addition, the package center is a three- to five-minute walk away. I didn’t have to worry about transportation to campus and I had a nice little community.

What are some of your favorite memories from living on campus?

Being able to go out on a snow day and just explore campus with friends. Typically, if you lived off campus it would be difficult to get to campus during a snow day.

Another one is heading to basketball, football, Late Night With Roy with my sister and friends. We all lived on campus so we could easily meet up and walk to the Dean Dome/Stadium together.

Another thing: Becoming close friends with people (from all walks of life) that you share a room with. It’s something that might have not have happened had I went for a different housing option.

What advice would you give someone trying to decide which residence hall to live in?

Before you decide, think about what you value most. Proximity to classes; proximity to your friends; proximity to the dining hall, library, the pit, Franklin Street; means of transportation; etc. Also, where do you see yourself spending the majority of your time?

A lot of people who decide to live on campus get caught up in wanting a semi-private bathroom and choose to live in South Campus, and I used to be one of those people. Come to find out, hall-style bathrooms aren’t all that different and it saves you a walk every morning.

Also, be open to trying several residence halls over the course of your time here at UNC. Each hall has its own character and it’s kind of fun to learn the differences.


Ps. Housing Selection 2020-21 is open TODAY (OCT 1, 2019). Click the link below for important information.

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