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As a first year, picking a club can seem overwhelming. There are hundreds of student organizations on campus, so how do you know you’re picking the right ones for you? Hopefully this guide will serve to help make this process easier and highlight a few UNC clubs along the way!

Thousands of students gather on South Road to sign up for clubs and grab free food at FallFest.

First things first: FallFest. This year, FallFest takes place on August 18th from 8pm (just after new student convocation) to midnight. So you’ve got plenty of time to pick out your ‘fit. 

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During FallFest, students have the opportunity to talk to clubs, sign up for listservs, and (most importantly) get a ton of free stuff. While this is a great opportunity to talk to a bunch of clubs and find out when they’re meeting, it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to sign up for some email lists just to figure out what you might like!

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Okay, I can hear it now. “But Chelsey, this is just too much. Can’t you just tell me which clubs to join?” Well no I can’t do that because it’s way too much pressure, but what I can do is provide a list of 10 really cool clubs I’ve either been a part of or heard great things about.

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If you’re looking for fun (and some exercise) on a gender inclusive team with some awesome people check out Qudditch! Our team is POPPIN’ off and even made it to the quarter finals of the Mid Atlantic Regional Championships this year!

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Marching Band

Once a band kid, always a band kid. The Marching Tar Heels can be a little intense, but the pure enthusiasm of every member after a good game is hard to beat.

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 Moonlight Dance Crew

There’s nothing quite like dancing the night away. Whether you’re new to dance or a seasoned dance floor expert, this dance crew provides a place for your skills to grow and for you to bust a move.

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Association of Nursing Students at UNC (ANS)

Looking to major in pre-nursing? ANS might be for you! They provide benefits to pre-nursing students and functions to help students succeed at getting into nursing school! 

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Carolina Barbell

Powerlifting is fun for the whole family! If you’re looking to get strong with a community this might be the club for you.

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Company Carolina

Ah theater, there’s nothing quite like it. Whether you’re interested in acting, directing, or designing, Company Carolina is the place to go for all your thespian needs. 

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Student Television + Carolina Film Association

While Student Television (STV) and Carolina Film Association (CFA) are two distinct clubs, I’ve put them together because most people participate in both if they’re interested in video production. Whether you’re more interested in helping to produce quality television shows or full length films, these two clubs are definitely worth a shot. 

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Campus Y Clubs

If you love social justice as much as I do, you’re going to learn to love the Campus Y. The Y houses 30 student social justice organizations and 1 delicious coffee shop (seriously, The Meantime should get an honorary degree for the number of papers it’s gotten me through).

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False Profits

Think you’re funny? Prove it! False Profits is an improv/sketch/standup comedy club and the unofficial funniest group of people on campus.

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If you’re a returning student, feel free to comment clubs that have had an impact on you!

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