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Here at Carolina, we take our sports a little more seriously than most schools. Here, it’s part of our culture and community, and it’s with good reason. We have some of the winningest collegiate sports programs in country, from field hockey to men’s basketball to soccer. Here, I’m going to tell you about the two most important things to know about to be able to fully immerse yourself in Tar Heel athletics when you get here. The first one is Carolina Fever, the program that tracks how many home sporting events you attend (and how you can get tickets to the Duke game from it. Secondly, you need to know where you need to go on Franklin Street for that away Duke basketball or any other important Carolina sporting event during the year (you’re going to go the home game, obviously, because you’ll know about Carolina Fever now).

Carolina Fever

Carolina Fever is a system that incentivizes attendance at home UNC sporting events using a point a system. Every time you scan your OneCard for a home event (which are free for students by the way!), you get points added on Carolina Fever.

One important thing to know, however, is that not all events get the same number of points. For example, you get less Fever points for going to a football game than for going to a swim meet or a field hockey game. The system provides incentives for students to attend a wide variety of sports, many of which are some of the best programs in the country! Altogether, our sports teams have won 44 NCAA national championships. For example, you may hear about our men’s basketball team all the time, but did you know that field hockey team has won seven national championships? Or that our men’s lacrosse team has won five championships? Or that our women’s soccer team has won a staggering 22 national championships, and many former Tar Heels are playing in the Women’s World Cup right now?

So not only should you be checking out all that UNC has to offer sports-wise for Carolina Fever points, you should do it to support fellow Tar Heels that are some of the best at the sports they play!

But of course, you must be wondering what one gets for attending all those events and racking up all those Carolina Fever points. Well, the top 150 students on the Fever points leaderboard every year get guaranteed Phase 1 tickets to all home men’s basketball games, and that includes Duke! No risking it in the lottery, no waiting in lines outside the Dean Dome.

It’s an away game? Or I didn’t get tickets? What do I do?

Not to worry, Franklin Street has some of the best places to join up with your fellow Tar Heels, eat great food, and watch our teams win!

The two places that are probably the most popular spots to watch a game are Sup Dogs and TOPO. Both located right on the main drag of Franklin St., it’s not unusual to see students lining up first thing in the morning on the day of the Duke game to get seats. TOPO in particular has an added perk, because of its location up above the street, it provides the perfect perch to watch the madness unfold when we inevitably beat Duke and thousands of students rush Franklin to celebrate.

Other great gameday atmospheres include those at Four Corners, Might as Well, and Linda’s (always go for the loaded sweet potato tots). Additionally, if you’re living on South Campus and don’t feel like trekking it all the way up to Franklin, CUAB always hosts watch parties for big games in the Great Hall of the Union.

So now you know some of the ins and outs of navigating Tar Heel sports during your first year, and how to get yourself a guaranteed seat at the Duke game. We hope to see you out there cheering on the Tar Heels with us in the fall!

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