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Move in date is coming up soon, so have you been wondering what are some useful items to have in the room? Don’t worry! We got your back! Here is a compiled list of the top ten things to bring that aren’t necessarily in the packing list!

1. Mattress pad

Mattress pads can be a bit pricey, but the investment is definitely worth it. You can get the best nights of sleep, and it is something you can use for the rest of your college career. In each room, there will be a bed for each resident. Mattresses are 80” long, 36” wide and 6” deep. So be sure to bring Twin XL sheets and your best pillows, but along with that, bring a mattress pad! 

2. Powerstrips/Extension Cords with THREE prongs

There will be limited outlets for you and your roommate, so getting powerstrips and extension cords would be a good idea so that you can plug in all of your electronic devices! NOTE: We only allow powerstrips and extension cords that have THREE prongs like the one shown below.  WE DO NOT ALLOW TWO-PRONG POWERSTRIPS OR EXTENSION CORDS.

Three prong plug

3. Extra long phone charger

Especially if you decide to loft your bed, having an extra long phone charger would be really convenient! That way if you want to look at your phone, set your alarm, etc. you can easily do that while chilling in bed.

4. Command Hooks/Adhesive

Command hooks/adhesives are essential for your room because they would not damage the walls and provide a temporary adhesive for your favorite posters, artworks, pictures, etc. They can also hang whatever you may need to hang such as your towel, keys, jewelry, frames, etc.

5. Rain boots/shoes

There will be many rainy days during the school year, and when you’re walking across campus, you’ll thank yourself later if you bring some rain boots or water resistant shoes so that your socks don’t get wet.

6. Tension rod and curtain

In some of the rooms, the closets are built into the walls with no doors. Each person has a closet, so using a curtain and tension rod to cover your closet would be a great way to ensure more privacy!

7. Mini fridge

Having a mini fridge is another essential for your room. Perhaps coordinate with your roommate about whether or not you both want to share a mini fridge or not! The max size for a mini fridge is 2’ x 3’ x 1’ or 6 cubic feet. Don’t forget mini fridges could also be bought or rented through the Residence Hall Association!

8. Rug

A nice fuzzy rug could make your room homier, so coordinate with your roommate about who could bring a nice rug to the room! A nice fuzzy one will definitely liven up the room.

9. Reusable water bottle

Staying hydrated is a must for your physical and mental health, especially as a student balancing many different things at once! There are many water refilling stations everywhere on campus, so bring a nice reusable water bottle to fill and carry with you everywhere!  

10. Closet organizers/Storage containers

Since there are limited closet and dresser space for each person, bringing a closet organizer or storage containers to put your other clothing/personal items in could be helpful in maximizing your space.


And that concludes our packing list! We hope this list can give you a head start on packing in order to help make your Carolina housing experience as exceptional and convenient as possible! Be sure to check out the 2019-2020 Move-In Guide though for a more comprehensive list on what to bring and what to prepare for Move-In day! These are just some items that aren’t necessarily in the packing list that we found to be helpful living on campus. Most importantly though, don’t be afraid to express yourself and your interests and do whatever you need to make your room as ~you~ as possible! 

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