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“Home” Goes Beyond Your Housing

Living on campus is a sure fire way to make UNC feel like home. Having your room so close by gives the entire university a homey feel and lets you experience being a Tar Heel in such a genuine way. While that’s very true, when you venture off campus it’s clear that the town of Chapel Hill (and the surrounding area) has even more to offer! So get out of your comfort zone and find that change of scenery you’ve been looking for, make Chapel Hill the town your home and not just UNC the campus.

Here are some go-to places that are a busing/walking/short car ride distance from UNC that can help you make Chapel Hill (not just UNC) your home sweet home!

Honeysuckle Tea House

Here’s the tea: Honeysuckle Tea House is a great place to clear your head. Its chill vibes and delicious beverages make it the perfect location for studying, hanging out with friends, and maybe even ‘spilling some tea’ after a week full of classes, club meetings, and group projects. It’s pretty awesome to have a place to escape to when the school year starts to pick up, and Honeysuckle Tea house could be that place for you!

Cat’s Cradle 

Another way to let loose is by going to a concert! On any given day of the week, Cat’s Cradle has live concerts from the likes of Aminé, Aly & Aj, and more! The performances span a range on genres, and the small venue allows you to be close to the stage no matter where you are in the building! Sometimes, they even bring in local DJs to do themed nights, 90s night is alway a hit!

So dance, let loose, and have fun—the lights are dim so no one can see if you’re making a fool of yourself!

Cat’s Cradle Events List

Jordan Lake/Eno Rock Quarry

Going for a swim with friends never fails to brighten up someones day. Float in the water and let the stress of that paper drift away! Jordan Lake and the Eno Rock Quarry are both places to let loose and hang out during those days at the beginning/end of the year when the sun starts shining and you need a one-day-vacay from Davis Library. So grab a couple of friends and plan out a picnic on the sand, just remember to bring sun screen!

Weaver Street Market/Carrboro Farmers Market

It great to eat on-the-go, and it’s even better to order-in for some late night studying, but when you have the time it’s always good to treat yourself (and your body) to some good ol’ fresh food. Weaver Street Market and The Carrboro Farmer’s Market are awesome places to grab a healthy bite to eat and hang out with friends. It feels great to eat local, and your body with thank you for the fresh fruits and veggies when it comes time to reset and hit the books again!

Franklin Street (Downtown Chapel Hill)

Sometimes you don’t have to stray too far from campus to find fun. So “make your way downtown” and pop into one of the dozens of restaurants on Franklin to grab a bite to eat with friends. There’s something for everyone! Linda’s Bar and Grill has yummy cheese fries and trivia nights, Schoolkids Records has a wide range or vinyls you can sift through to find your new favorite band, and The Varsity plays movies at a discounted cost so you can stay on budget. Look anywhere on Franklin and you will always find something new to do!

Most of all, KEEP EXPLORING!

Once you get familiar with this five places, venture out! Search and find other places that make you feel right at home in Chapel Hill and give yourself the headspace you need to decompress throughout the school year.

Yes, a mid-day nap in your residence hall can make you feel right at home; but there’s so much more out there to explore in Chapel Hill than the inside of your room!



Share experiences and memories. 

But most of all, make every day a #gdtbath.

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