Fall Trips to take while at Carolina

Fall Trips

Ten Places to road trip this fall around Chapel Hill


I’m personally a huge advocate for going to the mountains during fall. The 828 is the place to be, I’m bias because that’s where I’m from BUT still. Best places on earth are in western North Carolina.

  1. Asheville is 3 hours give or take away from campus. It’s a nice drive over especially since you can see all of the colored leaves (also perfect time to start a mountain-esque playlist). You could go hiking, zip lining, check out the Biltmore, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

  1. If you’re looking for a place to get away but still want that college vibe Boone is it. Appalachian State is located right in downtown, there are great places to hike, if it’s not too cold it’d be a nice place to go cliff jumping, and there are always cool places to shop and buy antiques. It’s also about 3 hours away so not too shabby.

  1. Do I have to explain why you have to go to DC? Oh and it’s only 4 hours away so talk about hype.

  1. Charleston, SC is gorgeous year round. I scoped it out during spring break and it was great, but the best time of the year (bias again) is fall. So pair up a great place with a great time of year and you’ll have…. a GREAT time. Okay seriously though, Charleston is historic and gorgeous. There are markets, museums, and of course the beach.

5. Gatlinburg, TN is roughly 5 hours away. You can pass by a great view so the drive isn’t even that bad. There are trails, the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Dollywood, and the small version of the space needle. It’s nice to be close to other states and venture around them.

  1. American history is so cool, yeah I’m a nerd. Anyways, learning about Native Americans and how much it has affected North Carolina. The area is really great and everyone should visit to get an understanding of the art and culture.

  1. First in flight? That’s right go to Kitty Hawk. It’s 3 and a half hours away and the beach should be pretty empty when it gets kind of chilly, but still so beautiful, and peaceful.

  1. This is for sure on my bucket list. Hanging rock in Greensboro is only an hour and a half away and you can just hangout and relax. Take a weekend trip here this fall. It will be worth it.

  1. Eno River Falls is right here in our backyard. Located in Durham only 20 minutes away this wonderful getaway is so close that you can take a large group of people jump in the swimming hole, rope swing, and ENO!

  1. Savannah, GA is like Charleston, in that it’s a historic town. There are horse carriage rides, parks, Paula Deen’s restaurant (lit), and many shops. The drive is about 5 hours and definitely feasible for a three day weekend.

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