Where to spend your summer at UNC

Davis and the UL can wait until the fall.

The idea of being at school during the summer can be a drag. Luckily, us Tar Heels have a campus that’s beautiful no matter the season! Here are some campus spots that are especially gorgeous during the summer.

Outside of SASB

SASB is the perfect nook for reading or writing. The outside of SASB feels like an outdoor lounge, as it features a small amphitheater area and an arrangement of tables and chairs. This high-traffic area makes SASB ideal for people watching. Whether you’re post-workout at Rams Head or on your way to a friend’s residence hall, be sure to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the outdoors!

Second floor balcony of the Student Stores

Something about the “YES WE’RE OPEN!!” sign tells me that the Student Stores are open during the summer. The view may not be as pretty now because of construction, but it’s a nice and convenient place to crack open some summer reading. Plus, the chairs here also have rockers so you are sure to be comfortable.

Outside of Carroll Hall

The area in between Chapman and Carroll Hall can be easily glossed over during the rush to class, making this hidden gem ideal for seclusion. I can imagine this spot as being a great place to practice yoga and meditate. Located only a few steps away from classes, this area is a great place to take a break.

Fourth Floor of the FedEx Global Education Center

Out of this whole list, I would say that this spot is my personal favorite. The rooftop feels like a city terrace escape with arguably the best view of a summer sunset. The FedEx Center is a total break from traditional UNC-Chapel Hill architecture with its modern and sleek look. Come spend an afternoon here, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

Outside of the Genome Sciences Building

The outdoor amphitheater of the Genome Sciences Building is empty year round. Grab a blanket and speakers and you can make a nice alternative to your dorm room. It does get pretty bright here though- make sure you don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and sunglasses!

With all of these beautiful spots on campus, make sure you don’t forget to take a breath of fresh air. Take some time to explore the campus and find out for yourself why UNC is the best place to be.


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