How to Survive Spring Exams

Campus is at it’s most beautiful… the darties beckon… and the weather is way too nice to sit in Davis. So how can you possibly study for exams?

Exams suck no matter what, but exams in the spring suck even more. Campus is gorgeous and so is the weather. There is always a ton going on to distract you. So how does one find the motivation to study? Here is my guide to passing your spring exams with as little pain as possible.

Don’t confine yourself to the library. There are a million other places you can study this time of year. If the quad is too busy and distracting, find a spot to set up in the Arboretum! Hang your eno up by the Forest Theater or explore Battle Park for the perfect study spot. If studying outside isn’t your thing, then take the bus or make the walk to Franklin Street/ Carborro to find a new cafe or coffee shop. The key to making studying less painful is mixing it up.

Take advantage of campus events. Around exam time there are a ton of events centered around studying. Upcoming LNAPs (Long Night Against Procrastination) have a ton of resources and food to help you crank out your final essays. Keep an eye on Carolina Housing social media for upcoming events. If you try hard enough, you can get a free study snack every night of exam season.

Find a study partner or group. It’s good to have a partner keep you accountable. If you’re meeting someone you’re much less likely to stay in bed an extra hour watching Netflix. As long as you can stay focused together, a study buddy can help you pass your exams. Finding a study group in class or on your hall is also really useful for some classes. I personally like studying with people for classes that are quantitative or analytical. Chances are, someone in your group can help you learn that equation you’ve been struggling with, and you can help them memorize a tough formula that you already mastered.

TREAT. YO. SELF. No matter what, exams are hard. It is important to take breaks, get enough sleep, and treat yo’ self as often as possible. Get a fancy latte instead of your usual black coffee. Buy some new super-comfy sweatpants to keep you comfortable while you plan. You deserve it!



And always remember, even during exams: it’s always a GDTBATH.



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