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Joining co-go will not only help you succeed in college, but in the real world too.

We interviewed a member of community government turned college graduate on how his participation in cogo helped him in his job at Oracle in Austin, TX. Meet David Marsh.


UNC Housing: Why did you first join co-go?

David: I wanted to get involved in the place I lived. I had seen what cogo did my freshman year when I lived in Ehringhaus (shoutout ehaus 2012) and knew I wanted to get involved as a sophomore. It seemed like a great way to get more involved and meet more of the people I was living with. I also wanted to be able to have a tangible, positive impact on my classmates which is why I ran for and became the community governor for Parker Community.


UNC Housing: How did cogo help you throughout the rest of your college career?

David: Running for and being community governor helped me expand my leadership skills early on during my time at UNC. It also helped introduce and open me up to many different areas of student life. This exposure helped shaped my run for Student Body President. I got the awesome opportunity to learn about all the different student groups on campus.


UNC Housing: How did cogo help you after college?

David: The same leadership skills that helped me during school translated really well to my job at Oracle. I learned how to run a group/team and set goals for an organization. It also exposed me to a diverse group of people which allowed me to be a better team member at work.


UNC Housing: What is your favorite cogo memory?

David: My favorite cogo memory is probably putting on the two big events. The first was a tailgate in the fall before a big football game. The second was a Jackson Pollock day in the spring. They were both a huge success and had a lot of planning that went into them. It was exciting to see all the work that the team had done and for it all to come together so well was amazing.


UNC Housing: Advice for people involved in or looking to get involved in cogo?

David: Get involved as early as you can. The sooner you get your foot in the door the greater the impact you will have and the more benefits you will gain.
Are you convinced yet? #JoinCoGo

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