First Year Experience Halls At A Glance

Dear Baby Heels (a.k.a. Newly Admitted Students):

First of all, let me just extend a great, warm welcome to you by saying CONGRATS ON BECOMING AN OFFICIAL TAR HEEL! This place freaking rocks, honestly, and we can’t wait for y’all to join us here on campus. But before you can join us, you have to sign up for on-campus housing by May 15!

I know what you’re thinking at this point.

“But… But I don’t know where I want to live! What are my options? What’s the difference between all the halls? I am #stressed. Please help me, a wee lamb just trying to make it to Chapel Hill in one piece!”

I was there once, too. We all were. But fear not! We’re here for you.

Below is a list of all the halls available to First Years for the 2017-2018 school year, what they offer, and what current students in those halls love about where they live!

Hinton James
Hinton James, affectionately known as HoJo, is the biggest First Year hall (with 10 whole floors!), making it a very social place. HoJo is coed and has 8-person suites with window AC units. It’s on South Campus and is super close to the Dean Dome.

“My favorite thing about HoJo is the energy and positive vibes. Coming home from Davis and walking into loud upbeat music playing in the lobby puts me in a good mood!” –Elysia Ruiz

“[My favorite thing about living in HoJo is] the view and sitting on the balcony. I also love the lively and diverse community of people.” –Shodeah Kelly 

Craige is a South Campus, coed hall. It has 6 floors of 8-person suites with window AC units. It’s a fairly social hall and is close to the Dean Dome, Rams, and SASB.

“My favorite thing about living in Craige is that it is a large, social community and yet still feels like home. On warm days, tons of people come to the sand volleyball court to play games, listen to music, or just watch and study. There’s always something going on, and living within a few floors of all my best friends is pretty fun too.” –Katie Davenport

“I would say my favorite thing is that I find more and more friends that live here. Also, even if I don’t always get to go, there is always something going on that you can attend!” –Julie Wohala

Manning East Community (Koury and Horton)
Koury and Horton are coed halls with 4-person suites. They are both 4 floors and have central AC. They’re on South Campus, lining each side of Manning. SASB, Rams, and the Dean Dome are all short walks away.

“It’s quiet! I can do my work in my room and with my suitemates, as well as go to bed at a reasonable time. And I love having a four-person suite.” –Rachel Augustine (Koury)

“I love only having to share a bathroom with three people! Also, we have free waffle nights about once a week and they’re delicious!” –Alyssa Geary (Horton)

Ehringhaus, commonly known as E-Haus, is a coed South Campus hall. It’s 6 floors and has 8-person suites with window AC units. E-Haus backs up to Boshamer Stadium (where the Heels play baseball) and is a close walk to SASB and Rams.

“[My favorite thing about living in E-Haus is] probably the proximity. Even though it is still on South Campus, the E-Haus path cuts off a ton of time when walking to class because you don’t have to cross the road at all. We still have that South Campus feel, though, being close to all of the other freshmen and having that community within the dorm as well.” –Mac Renslow

Olde Campus Lower Quad (Aycock, Graham, Everett, Lewis, and Stacy)
The OCLQ community has 5 halls, all hall style and all on North Campus! Aycock is all-female, Graham is all-male, and Lewis, Everett, and Stacy are coed. Each building is 3 floors, they are all hall style, and they all have central AC. The OCLQ community is in close proximity to classes, the Pit, and Franklin Street.

“[My favorite thing about Everett is] definitely the sense of having a community at any given time. In Everett, my friends and I have an open-door policy in that people are welcome whenever. We do things together, whether it be intramural teams, eating, or watching sports.” –Rio Chamberlain

So Baby Heels, don’t sweat it. You have plenty of options. And no matter what, you’ll still be living on the beautiful and lively campus we’re lucky enough to call home.


*Featured image submitted by Shodeah Kelly showing off her #views from HoJo.

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