Why RAs Are Actually Superheroes

Guardian Angels. Life Savers. Free Therapists. Housing Heroes. Resident Advisors.

Contrary to popular belief, a Resident Advisor (see also, “RA”) is not someone who’s out to ruin your life. In fact, anyone who has ever actually lived in a UNC residence hall probably knows that’s the complete opposite of what any RA wants to do. Keeping residents safe and making sure people are following community living standards are definitely important, but that is only part of the job description.

RAs are there to be your friend; they are there to guide you, help you, work with you, laugh with you, look out for you, and occasionally even feed you.

Carrying the respected RA title is an honor, really. They are caring, vibrant individuals who have a passion for helping others. They bring life to a residence hall and play an important role in enhancing the sense of community within a hall. Each RA has unique experiences, interests, and identities to bring to the table, which creates a diverse living experience from the start. They are the foundation for an exciting residential community in which those living in it can form lasting relationships and gain new perspectives.

Not only do RAs contribute to the general environment of the hall, but they also play a vital role in each resident’s individual experience. RAs are like guaranteed friends that come with your Housing contract (that is, only if you want them to be your friends, which I highly recommend since they’re pretty A+ humans). Your RA wants to actually know you and make your Carolina experience even better by being someone you can trust, hang out with, confide in, and approach with any questions. So when they talk to you or wave to you or bring you baked goods or leave you encouraging notes on your door or send you meme-filled emails, embrace it and make a friend!

RAs are basically superhuman. I mean, they remember tons of names and faces, an incredible feat which can definitely only be explained as a superpower. On top of that, they check in with residents, attend meetings, plan programs, and assist and advise others while still finding time for clubs, social lives, volunteering, and that pretty important thing called “school.” (Honestly I got tired just writing that. How do they actually do it?) They do so much for their residents and sacrifice a lot of their time just so they can fully dedicate themselves to their job. They work harder than we know. So make sure to give yours a round of applause, a high five, a hug, a cookie, whatever you do to show extra appreciation—they deserve every bit of it!

-Elizabeth, AKA number one fan of Resident Advisors


Think you have what it takes to be an RA? Well lucky for you, it’s not too late to apply! The application is due on Wednesday, December 8th, and there are still three more information sessions you can attend (it’s mandatory you go to one of them if you want to apply, so hop on it, folks):

  • Monday, Dec. 5th, Union 2420, 5:00PM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday, Dec. 6th, Hinton James Study Lounge Wing B, 7:00PM-8:00PM
  •  Wednesday, Dec. 7th, Union 2420, 1:00PM-2:00PM

Check out the housing website for all the deets! 

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