Ten people who are smarter than me sum up what Chapel Hill is all about

I am extremely lucky to go to the best University in the world, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. Grab some tissues, and settle in to read some very eloquent people say what Chapel Hill means to them.

  1.   “Just eight miles from here there’s another commencement. And you know what? They have to look up and see that the sky is Carolina blue. They were praying for rain, but they didn’t get it.” -Chancellor James Moeser, 2006 graduation

Because even after you graduate, dook still sucks.

  1.    “Duke fans believe spending 196 hours in a tent indicates passion and devotion. Carolina fans believe 196 hours in a tent indicates a telling lack of other social engagements.” -Adam Lucas, columnist

In case you didn’t get it from number 10, dook sucks.

  1.  “We play, we win, you go home.” – Roy Williams

‘Nuff said.

  1.  It’s places like the Union, Lenoir and the quad that make UNC what is it because those are the places where we find ourselves able to discover and experience “our Carolina.” At the end of the day, each student and person that walks on this campus could have an entirely different experience. But it’s the places — the shops on Franklin, the uneven bricks on the road to south campus and late night rides on the P2P that connect each of our experiences together. It is the beauty in UNC parents being able to point out where they hung out on the same campus 20+ years later while attending orientation with their child. That’s the magic in UNC… So, appreciate what’s in your life. The places you pass, the stores you love—any place you may find yourself spending time. Try to walk a little slower, glance a little longer, and find something to appreciate in each place because you never know if one day, it will be gone forever”. – Opinion, The Daily Tarheel 2016

This opinion was written about the former on campus coffee shop, Daily Grind, closing, and the author really tied in the idea of how fleeting our time here is as students. However, they urged us to appreciate the time that we have here, and reminded us you can always come home, which is why this quote is important.

  1. “Down through all the years of your lives, wherever you may go, your heart will always beat just a bit faster when you hear the symphonic syllables: Chapel Hill.” -W.T. Carmichael Jr, 1950 Yackety Yack

Just like part of you stays on this campus after you graduate, part of Chapel Hill will always stay with you.

  1. “What is it that binds us to this place as to no other? It is not the well, or the bell, or the stone walls, or the crisp October nights or the memory of dogwoods blooming. Our loyalty is not only to William Richardson Davie though we are proud of what he did 200 years ago today. Nor even to Dean Smith, though we are proud of what he did last March. No, our love for this place is based on the fact that it is as it was meant to be, the University of the people.” -Charles Kuralt, journalist

Every part of Chapel Hill has made my experience unforgettable, but the relationships I have built, and days I have shared with my fellow Tar heels are what will stick with me  forever.

  1. “Most residents stay only four years. Some hang around for a few more. But time doesn’t matter. Those who give themselves to Chapel Hill at all walk away with the right to say they’re Tar Heels — born, bred, and dead — and that’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.”  -Nic Brown, journalist

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t raised in Carolina blue, the minute you step on this campus you are a part of the Tar heel family forever.

  1. “This is what it’s all about. This right here. It’s on the floor, it’s on your shirt, and it’s in your heart.” -Stuart Scott, ESPN anchor, UNC alum

The image of Stuart Scott stepping to the middle of the basketball court, pointing at the UNC logo, and saying this will stick with us forever. RIP, Stuart Scott.

  1. .”Without even noticing, UNC seeps into your pores. By junior year, she’s in your blood. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t have moments on campus where you lose your breath for a second and all you can think is, ‘Wow, I love this place.’ …And then UNC tells you to leave. And it hurts.” – Elyse Ashburn, former Daily Tar Heel editor

Everytime I read this quote I get a sinking feeling in my stomach remembering that someday I will have to leave this little piece of heaven. One day, I won’t get to just stop in the middle of the quad, breathe deeply, and smile to myself about how perfect this campus is. But to sneak in another quote, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. – Winnie the Pooh

  1. “I love UNC. I love the quad in spring and the arboretum in the fall. I love the Pit on a sunny day and Graham Memorial Lounge on a rainy one. I love Roy all the time. But what makes UNC truly special is not our beautiful campus, our distinguished reputation or even our basketball team. It’s us – the student body – who make UNC what it is.” -Eve Carson, deceased Student Body President

There is not much I can add to this one, which is why it’s number one. Eve truly sums up the Carolina way like no one can, and we thank her for everything she gave to the Tarheel family during her short but impactful life.

And as always, GDTBATH.


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