Starting TODAY, the newly-bought UNC Student Stores is filled with a college student’s favorite 4-letter “S” word!

No, not that, silly. I’m talking about S-A-L-E.

Student Stores $0.99 Sale

The back of the store is basically an all-you-can-take, $0.99 buffet of everything from supplies to random knick-knacks. Being a wonderful combination of “Broke College Kid” and “Carolina Housing Intern”, I scoped out the sale for 5 things you NEED to up your dorm game:

  1. Mounting SuppliesIMG_6657

We’re on the same team when it comes to keeping the residence hall walls in top condition—the last thing you want at the end of the year is to be billed for wrecking the walls, be it holes or stripped paint. Nab a pack (or five) of wall hooks, strips, mounts, and gel stickies instead for all your poster, wire, and canvas-hanging needs.


2. Tape


Duct tape is my life accessory. Bet you never thought of using it like this, though.


3. Index Cards


If you’ve got a Dory-esque memory like me, index cards will save your life during the semester. Whether it’s a flashcard, desk reminder, or cute note for the roomie, index cards do it all. And don’t worry, Student Stores is selling rainbow, jumbo, and mini index card packs as well.


4. Binders and FoldersIMG_6655

Don’t be left with mini-mountains of unorganized paper chaos on your desk and get organized from the start with Student Stores’ assortment of folders, binders, and dividers!


…Miscellaneous/Honorable Mentions:

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t really a single category.


With the return of the ’90s, pins and patches are super on-trend. They’re a cute, cheeky way to spruce up a plain tee or backpack, so grab a handful!


If you’re a DIY or artsy-fartsy kind of guy or gal, Student Stores has these magnificent prism paints, perfect for that canvas painting you may be planning to hang on your wall. Be sure to check out the brushes, oil pastels, and drawing pads also on sale!

Y’all, it simply wasn’t possible to capture all the treasures on sale, but other useful dorm supplies on sale include posters, mugs, monogram keychains, stickers, greeting cards, writing supplies and refills, etc. There’s something for everyone!

So if you’re in the area, come on over to the Student Stores. For less than a dollar, you’re sure to leave with something awesome and your wallet still intact.

(Till supplies last)

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