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Chapel Hill can be a bit overwhelming, especially the size of campus. We student interns here at the housing office thought it would extremely benefit first year students to tell them about all of the wonderful shortcuts we didn’t know our first year.

As incentive, knowing these shortcuts will make you seem super cool to your new college friend group. So let’s get to it.

1: Cutting through Kenan Stadium

UNC is an open university, and that applies to Kenan stadium as well!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.18.03 PM

During school hours, stadium gates should be open to the public. Although the grass is off limits, some students find this to be a faster way to class. It also gives you some pretty cool photo ops for your insta-tweets. The stadium closes at Midnight.

2: E-Haus Trails


Beside Ehringhaus dorm is E-Haus trail that leads to Rams market and the staircase to Rams Dining Hall. The trail wraps around E-Haus Fields, a large sporting area with soccer goals and perfect frisbee environment. The Baseball stadium entrance can be found by taking the fork around the backside of Avery Residence Hall.

3: Koman Way


Coming up from Rams Dining Hall is a brick hill beside Kenan Stadium. The path empties onto stadium drive and leads to the Bell Tower and South Road. There is an easier way to get to the eastern buildings on campus, such as Woolen and Fetzer Gyms which are locations for LFIT general education requirements.

4: Woolen Pool Pass

Coming down Koman Way, cut by the Outdoor Pool for a shortcut to Hooker Fields and Carmichael Arena. Take the series of ramps and steps around the pool and continue up the elevated driveway. You will reach Hooker Fields and the entrance to the stadium.

5: Craige Bridge & Horton Pass


Craige Bridge connect Craige to the main south campus intersection. Although the people of Craige will find it immediately, others on south campus should know of its whereabouts. Yes, that mysterious looking void of forrest on the corner of the intersection leads to Craige. I lived in HoJo and had no idea until halfway through second semester!IMG_7326

Speaking of Hojo and Craige, are you going to be traveling between the two often? Is that where your new best friend lives? Well there is good news for you! If exiting Craige from the front, to the right there are wooden stairs that leads down to Skipper Bowels Drive. Directly across the street is a path behind Horton that leads directly to Hojo.

6: Campus Health-Bell Tower Cut


Coming from North campus, Campus Health Services may be tad hard to find. Located behind Kenan Stadium, the route I would take to my appointment would be through the UNC Bell Tower. Cut straight thought the hedge garden to the back. Advance towards stairs to the right of the Kenan Stadium Entrance.  Keep hugging the stadium down towards Genome Quad and then up to another set of stairs. At the top, Campus Health will be on the right.

7: Morrison-Genome Path

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.17.30 PM

Waking up for a class at Genome Science Building? Coming back in the hot sun from West Campus? Take the Morrison Trail! The tree-surrounded brick path starts on the far side of the Morrison Community Parking Lot and stretches along Kenan Stadium to Genome Science. Continue on the bricks and pass a stadium entrance. Hug the stadium until you walk down the stairs onto Genome Quad.

 8: Arboretum Stroll to Franklin

East campus consists of places such as the Dramatic Art Center, Hooker Fields, and many north campus dorms. Included are the First Year North Campus dorms Stacy and Everett!


Franklin St is the place to go for things ranging from 4$ movies to Oreos at CVS. Instead of taking the long way around campus, pass thought the UNC Arboretum! Located at the intersection of Raleigh Street and Cameron Ave, if you take a diagonal though you will end up at the Morehead Planetarium. From there, keep heading diagonal to hit one of the most busiest parts of Chapel Hill.

9: Old Cemetery Straights

If your not afraid of scary movies, the UNC Cemetery is open to walk though! If you take classes in the Center for the Dramatic Arts or live in the Cobb community, this can be a great shortcut to get to South Rd and South Campus.


There is also a small road in-between Winston Residence Hall and the Cemetery that will cut through just the same.

 10: Dean Dome – Paul Hardin Pass


For a UNC home basketball game, don’t cross at the jam packed intersection! Go down Paul Hardin Rd. past Morrison, Craige North and Craige dorms to shave some time. Paul Hardin slopes downward to a set of stairs beside Rams Village Apartments. The stairs lead down to the Business School Parking Lot. Cross the lot to avoid pedestrian traffic that always clogs up the main route.

11: Carrboro Bike Trail

Harris Teeter is the closest retail-sized grocery store to campus. For those who love to walk , jog, or bike, a trail lies at the end of Cameron Ave that leads straight into Carrboro.


It also drops you off behind the Cats Cradle, the most popular music venue in Carrboro-Chapel Hill area.

12: Frat Court/Grandville Pass

East Franklin Street is always poppin’. If you go further down towards Carrboro, West Franklin has even more restaurants and shops to explore!


Instead of going to East Franklin and walking down the whole street, why not just b-line through Frat Court! There is a small path at the back corner of Frat Court that leads to Granville Towers. Continue straight through the towers, turning right into another Granville Parking Lot. on the backside of the lot are stairs that steps down to a neighborhood street. Head to the end of the street, turn right, and you should be next to Chipotle and Panera Bread!

Here is a map version with all of the shortcuts marked!

Shortcuts New

Quick Tips

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.16.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.15.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.17.30 PM

  • For those who find themselves in Fetzer Gym, the Student Recreation Center (SRC) is directly connected! With entrances on both floors, it’s a much easier way to get from building to building.
  • The student stores escalator is a quick way to cheat the stairs beside the Student Union, putting you right in the pit and in front of Lenior in no time.
  • There is an Elevator in Ram Parking Deck that will lead from E-Haus Fields to Ram’s Plaza with Ram’s Dinning Hall. Another way to see it, free heat in the winter.




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