How to be the best roommate ever.

Picture of me and my freshman and sophomore year roommate #twinning
Picture of me and my freshman and sophomore year roommate #twinning

Adjusting to college is hard, and it can be a lot harder if you don’t have a good relationship with your roommate. You two will be spending a lot of time together, so it can be good to surprise them and do them little favors. The smallest things can go a long way in making sure you stay friends throughout the whole year. Use some of these ideas to make your roomie’s day!

1. Take out their trash. If you’re already taking out yours, and you see theirs ready to go, just grab it! Taking out trash seems a lot more tiresome than it actually is so this will go a long way with minimal effort.

2. Bring them cookies from Lenoir. Cookies from Lenoir, aka the ambrosia of the gods. Snag a few soft M&M cookies and leave them on their desk for a sweet surprise.

3. Invite them to hang out with you and your friends. If you and your roomie ended up with different friends then inviting them to come along every once and awhile will give you the opportunity to have fun outside of the room.

4. Have a movie and takeout night together. Roomie date night is a fun way to spend a night in and give you time to bond over the newest episode of The Bachelorette, or a thriller if thats more your style. #TeamLuke

5. Ask them if they have any laundry. Just see if your roomie has a few shirts they want to throw in with your load, it can save them a lot of time, and they’ll probably return the favor later. #sharetheload

6. Vacuum their side too. If you’re already vacuuming it makes sense to just do their side too. In my opinion, it’s almost weirder if you don’t.

7. Surprise them with Yopo. Everyone loves Yopo, especially me, if you couldn’t tell from my other blog posts. So grab a kids cup of Oreo for a mere $1.77 and make their week.

8. Find out their favorite foods. If you want to leave them some treats when they’re having a bad day, find out their favorite candy and leave it on their desk! I found out my roomie loved M&Ms, and now we’re living together next year again. See how that works? P.S. If you’re reading this Kelly, I still love Reese’s.

9. Ask them about their day. After a hard day it’s nice to go home to someone who genuinely wants to hear about your day. So listen when they talk and soon you’ll find you look forward to getting the scoop at night.

10. Offer to help them study. If you’ve already taken the class, know the subject well, can read flashcards, or even just listen to them practice their presentation, then you can do this. And then one night when you’re cramming German vocabulary, you’ll find your roomie has your back too. #soulmates


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