50 Things You Thought When You Got Your Housing Assignment

Finding out where you’ll be spending the next year can be scary, but is also really exciting. Here are fifty things you definitely thought when you received your assignment.


  1. OMG OMG the assignments came out!!
  2. Wait I don’t know my onyen how do I log in?! *screams* MOM WHAT IS MY ONYEN
  3. Oh duh, how could I forget it, t@rh33lsr#1.
  5. *Looks it up on the map* … that’s really far from classes.
  6. Thank goodness for the bus.
  7. I can’t wait to meet so many freshman – next year is going to be awesome.
  8. Crap, I have to meet new people.
  9. How do I talk to people again?
  10. Does this mean I have to wear pants to go to the bathroom?
  11. Nah, probably not. My roommate is super chill.
  12. Wait, did I get my roommate?
  13. HECK YESS I got my requested roommate, I’m gonna go facebook stalk her again.
  14. Ugh she’s so cool and pretty.
  15. I hope she lets me borrow her clothes.
  16. Is she in Europe right now?
  17. *Sighs* I should take a gap year and just travel instead.
  18. I’m gonna text her and she if she’s as excited as I am.
  19. Yessss she’s excited too.
  20. How am I gonna decorate.
  21. Oh, I totally forgot I planned this five years ago on Pinterest.
  22. Wait this isn’t cute anymore.
  23. 2010 is the year that killed chevron.
  24. I should tweet that.
  25. OOOO I wonder who our suitemates are.
  26. There’s six of them…
  27. How are eight girls gonna share one bathroom?!
  28. Wait, our bathroom gets cleaned every day #blessup.
  29. Ok let’s stalk them on Facebook now…
  30. She looks so cool, I’m gonna have so many closets to use #oncloudnine
  31. She looks awesome too, they’re gonna be great roommates.
  32. But, like, not as great as me and my roomie obviously. #soulmates
  33. This other girl is so artsy how did she get that picture?
  34. Like, does she have a personal photographer following her around all the time?
  35. Whatever, at least she’ll definitely make sure we get good squad pics.
  36. Her roommate is so artsy too.
  37. Do artsy people have like a separate page where they can all just, like, meet each other and go to cool concerts and shop at Free People?
  38. Hopefully they can teach me their ways.
  39. Ok, last two girls.
  40. Wait they were both valedictorians of their high school.
  41. YEESSS they can help me pass calculus.
  42. We’re all gonna be so tight I can feel it.
  43. Should I add them as friends?
  44. Is that too aggressive?
  45. I’m gonna ask my roommate.
  46. HAHA she was wondering the same thing.
  47. We are literally the same person, this is meant to be.
  48. What are we gonna do when we get there??
  49. Oh this is a cool bucket list we should definitely do everything on it.
  50. This is gonna be the best year ever, and I love UNC already.

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