Be the hero of your residence by remembering these ten things!

Many students show up at South Campus in August thinking that with their packed mini van they couldn’t possibly have forgotten anything. But every year, people forget these ten important items. Keep reading below so you don’t become one of them!

1.Umbrella. Even if you’re used to the North Carolina spring rain showers, it’s a lorain jackets either!t different in college because you’re walking, not driving everywhere. Don’t forget those rain boots and a lightweight umbrella to prevent spontaneous showers!

2. Nail Clippers.  About two weeks into our first semester a bunch of my friends and I realized none of us had brought nail clippers with us! Save yourself the money and the walk to Franklin St. by grabbing a pair before you head out the door.  

3. Soap. Many of the suite style dorms don’t provide strong soap in the bathroom, so make sure to bring a couple bottles with.

4. Stapler. Don’t say you’ll stop by the library on the way to class! Chances are you will forget and be left with twenty pages of unstapled research and an angry professor. Avoid the awkwardness and the points off – just bring a stapler to keep in your desk.

5. Calculator (and batteries). Even if you’re not a math or science major, chances are you will need a calculator for several of your pre reqs. Don’t wait until the night before your Busi 101 final to realize you didn’t pack one! Pro Tip: bring your fancy TI-84, but also bring a simple four function calculator for classes like Econ 101 that only allow this type.

6.Outlet Surge Protector. These are so useful for when you have eight things to plug in but only one outlet on your side of the room. The protection from power surges and spikes is also very important in your dorm room to protect all your devices.

7. Business Casual. Even if you plan on living in Nike shorts and big t-shirts like me, you’ll want to have a few business casual outfits in your closet. You never know when a professor will require business casual for presentations or when you’ll get the interview for that summer internship. Be prepared with a few options up your sleeve.

8. Duffel Bag. With all the huge suitcases and storage bins used for moving in, people often end up without a duffel bag. This is a must if you want to go on weekend beach or mountain trips, or if you want to visit home some weekends.

9. First Aid Kit. For many students, freshman year is the first time they will really have to fend for themselves. Oftentimes this means they will forget the basic necessities that their mom always had handy. Make a mini first aid kit to keep in your room with band-aids, Tylenol, a thermometer and any other medicine you may need! 

10. Scissors.  Such a basic necessity, yet so many people forget this handy item. From cutting open your ramen flavor packs, to making a sign for your roommate’s birthday, scissors will come in handy almost every day. So don’t forget to pack a pair before you head off to college!



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