What topics do you want to see on the blog? Sound off below and win!

Comment on this post with a NEW blog topic (one that has not been featured before) and be entered to win a Top Lottery Pick for 2016-2017 Housing Selection! To win, you must be a current student. Only one topic submission per person allowed. To be considered for a Top Lottery Pick, you must submit your topic between December 2, 2015 @ 12:01 am through February 5, 2016 @ 11:59 pm.

61 thoughts on “What topics do you want to see on the blog? Sound off below and win!”

  1. Suite “Turn Up” Nights!
    -An article on ways to connect/bond with your upcoming suite mates. My suite had “turn up” nights where we would all watch Scandal together, make signs to decorate the walls, and even made Tinder profiles together.

  2. I think it would be cool to do a videoblog of how to survive college. It could be comical to get peoples attention, but also practical. For example, there is a viral YouTube video called Neature Walk. It could be that sort of thing but with campus advice like how to safely cross the street, how to utilize your ResNet person, how to approach your RA. Old ideas could even be redone with this new idea.

  3. “Look for Less: Decorating on a Budget”: Take a pinterest room picture and recreate it affordably through thrifting
    “DIY Room Decor”: DIY Canvas art, room picture art/collages with personal photos, UNC decorations, etc.

  4. I think an awesome blog topic would be Hidden Treasures of Carolina. There are so many cool places and amazing resources we have here at UNC that a lot of people don’t even realize. It could include awesome study spots like Carrol Library in the J-school, the rocking chairs at the Student Stores, and the balcony at the Stone Center. The post could also mention helpful resources people don’t realize they can utilize like the Media Resource center, innovation lab, the meditation room, the Learning and Writing Centers, and more. Putting all these hints together in one single blog post could really help new students!

  5. A blog post about different situations you find in a dorm and how to deal with them would be cool. For example, how to diffuse tension with suite or hallmates, how to assist an overly-intoxicated person, fun things to do when bored on the dorm, basic “fix-it” tips for everyday mishaps (how to sew on a button, how to reuse items), and things along those lines! Everyone loves a good listicle.

  6. I would love to see posts about resources to connect with students in your dorm with similar interests to you. That way, students struggling to find peers interested in their obscure hobbies could connect, and students looking for new hobbies could find what’s around them and available in their dorm.

  7. Blog post ideas:
    -Choosing a roommate
    -Choosing suitemates
    -How to communicate with roommates/suitemates when it comes to enforcing rules (ex: cleaning bathrooms, not making a lot of noise, keeping the lights on late at night)
    -How to build a relationship with roommates/suitmates/hallmates throughout the year
    -Healthy, quick, and inexpensive meal recipes
    -How to compost on campus
    -Low-cost energy-saving tips
    -What to do if your roommate seems depressed or emotionally troubled, but won’t seek help

  8. How to bond with your international roommate:
    activities, discussion topics, and projects you can do together to foster a strong friendship and living dynamic.

  9. Living the Suite Life: Making the Most out of Living in a Suite-Style Dorm!
    Fun ways to break the ice, understand how to share a space (especially the bathroom!), and creating fantastic memories with your new Tar Heel family!

  10. I think it would be good for everyone if you blogged about “where to go for what”. In other words, expose life hacks that make on-campus living more simple and convenient. For example, you can get a smoothie/milkshake/frozen coffee from the cool machine at Ram’s Head Market, and a lot of people don’t know about it. It would be good to also name the best barber shop/nail salon on Franklin, secret/discreet/underpopulated study spots, or good jogging routes. Carolina has so many hidden jewels, but because they are hidden, people are more willing to move off campus. I think that to encourage on-campus living, it would be smart to point these things out in a convenient blog.

  11. I think a really interesting topic would be about the upcoming election. I know this issue can be very controversial but I would be interested to know where students get political information and how they formulate their ideas. Also, it would be fascinating to see how much time and though people put into the political race and even if they plan to vote. The blog posts don’t need to be bias towards a party but rather reflect how average college students balance their school life with the world of politics.
    -Evan Myers

  12. Could you guys write about how students who live on campus can be more involved in the town of Chapel Hill? There’s so much cool stuff to do, but I feel like students don’t know about all the cool stuff besides what’s on Franklin street.

  13. How does forming a group work when it comes to hall-style dorms? Is there a maximum number/how will the selection process work when it comes to signing up for the specific rooms?

  14. I would love to see a blog topic about environmental impact of the dorms i.e.) recycling programs, compost programs, and renewable energy systems such as solar panels.

  15. I would like to see more posts about how to make more creative meals in residence hall kitchens! A lot of students living on campus don’t have meal plans, and finding time and ingredients to cook something can be difficult. I’d definitely like more ideas of things to make in the kitchen that are easy, affordable, and quick (also, healthy options would be great too!)

  16. Room/Bathroom Cleanliness

    Tips for what supplies would be best for cleaning the room, where these supplies can be found, and how to convince unclean roommates to clean.

  17. DIY: How to succeed as a college student.
    Give tips on different things like..
    -DIY Outfits
    -DIY Food
    -DIY Study Tips
    -DIY Places to have fun
    -DIY Make Friends

    …for the chapel hill area and the university itself.

  18. Providing dorm libraries in the lobby or commuity living space. At the end of each semester, give students a chance to donate their books from old classes. Rather than dragging their textbooks all the way to the Student Stores, or finding an alternative way of selling books, why not donate books to the dorm community by leaving it in the in-house library. It’s a great way to share fiction, non-fiction, academic journals, LSAT or MCAT books and much more! It’s a great way to create a community environment around mutual academic interest in literature.

  19. Cooking related topics:
    Easy & quick cooking recipes for students without meal plans. This could be something as simple as salads and sandwiches. How to shop for vegetables & fruit that will last longer in the fridge and even how often students should clean their fridge?

  20. Blog ideas:
    1. A Tar Heel’s guide to smart meals: how to eat healthy with and with out a meal plan.
    2. Debt and how to avoid it
    3. How to budget
    4. Simple stress relievers during the exam season
    5. How to pick a residence hall

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