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Last but not least, we’re going to the most interesting first-year high-rise residence hall in Ehringhaus. While hidden from the road, this hall has a lot of character. It’s a 6 floor hall with style and one of the best views at Carolina. More than 600 residents call this place home, and I have stories of why it’s an exciting place to live. You want to keep reading.

Ehringhaus is a high-rise hall located at 450 Ehringhaus Drive.
Ehringhaus is a high-rise hall located at 450 Ehringhaus Drive.



1. Ehringhaus is the only building in its community, though it shares a volleyball court with Koury.

6. This hall has 6 floors, and on the 6th floor, one wing of the community has a change. The balcony style switches, and one wing becomes hall-style, with no suites. It’s a change of pace, especially as the resident-to-bathroom ratio becomes a little more complicated.

2. This is subject to change, but the 2nd floor houses a residential learning program – the UNITAS program. In tandem with APPLES, a service learning organization, those enrolled in this RLP live with and execute ongoing service projects throughout the year, as well as learn about social diversity. UNITAS has a main goal of uniting us all, regardless of our differences. More information on this is available at – admission is still available if you’re interested!


Ehringhaus is Craige’s twin on campus – the exact same design and residence hall simply in a different location. Both have 6 floors, open lobbies, and the X-wing shape with balconies extending all four ways. The suite-style, an 8 person hallway with four rooms and a shared bathroom, is no different here than in HoJo or Craige. What’s interesting about E-haus is the hall-style 6th floor wing. The majority of people will live in a suite, though, and having 7 neighbors living literally feet from you  is something you’ll have never experienced before. While this can be frustrating if someone is singing in the shower loudly while you’re trying to study, or your suitemate locks the bathroom door to brush their teeth, it’s one of the best times at Carolina. Keep your doors open and sit on the balcony, go do laundry on the ground floor, talk to people in the elevators and common spaces, and be open to new things. It’ll help, because the style of the hall gives you unmatched opportunities to meet people.

Ehringhaus has a direct view of Boshamer Stadium, the baseball field of UNC.
Ehringhaus has a direct view of Boshamer Stadium, the baseball field of UNC.


Ehringhaus was built in 1962, in the same timeframe as Craige and Hinton James. Its namesake is John C.B. Ehringhaus, former governor of North Carolina and UNC alum. If this series has taught you nothing else, you should know that getting your name on a residence hall is the true Carolina measure of success.

Amenities/Resources to Take Advantage Of

E-haus, in relative isolation from the rest of the first-year halls, has many unique advantages. While it’s mysteriously hidden from the street, barely visible from Ridge road, this provides a giant front yard. The trees provide good cover and its an excellent place to relax, do homework, and socialize. This area is usually well-populated when it’s sunny outside.

Ehringhaus is the only high-rise without its own basketball court, but it has something else going for it – the turf field located directly outside of the hall. This field is used for recreation, including soccer, lacrosse, frisbee, football, baseball, quidditch, and cricket. Any and all sports can be played here, and it’s a hub of intramural sports. The entire campus uses E-haus fields, so as Ehringhaus residents you can play on your home field.

Ehringhaus has an ample quad out front, perfect for socializing, sports, homework, or gardening (maybe not gardening)
Ehringhaus has an ample quad out front, perfect for socializing, sports, homework, or gardening (maybe not gardening)

Funniest Moment

This one is one of the dumbest things I’ve done at the University, but it happens. In September, before I had room numbers and directions completely down, I was visiting my friend in E-haus to hopefully play FIFA and eat some dinner. I tried to do this, at least. What happened is that I was attempting to visit my friend in room 418; I took the elevator up and walked towards the room, unsuspecting. I walked into the suite and found the door open, so I walked in expecting my friends. No one was in the room, so I called my friend. As he answered, a bearded guy in a towel walked into the room. He was taken aback, to say the least, yelling and looking extremely confused. I then realized my mistake; it was room 318 on the door. Not my proudest moment, but once I apologized he was actually pretty friendly and even gave me a bag of Skittles. Lesson learned; walk into random rooms and you may get food (or assaulted). You’d be surprised how much things like this happen in first-year halls, so be ready for anything.

Closest Bus Stop

Ehringhaus has its own bus stop, right out in front of the hall on Ridge Road. This is where the P2P and RU come. If you miss that, walking across the street to the Hinton James stop for the U and NU is also helpful.

Comparison with other first-year halls

-Ehringhaus is the only first-year high rise that doesn’t require crossing Manning Drive to get to North Campus. There’s a path behind E-haus which makes the walk a lot easier.

-Ehringhaus is the only first-year hall with a view of an athletic stadium from the balcony. If you are lucky enough to be placed on the side facing the baseball field, enjoy the view.

– Ehringhaus is the only first-year hall to have its own road and parking lot; student permits are available for parking here. Unfortunately, first-years aren’t allowed to park on campus, but the parking lot is open on the weekend if you’re missing your motor vehicle that much.

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