Spring Break Tips and Reminders

1) Residence Halls close definitively at 10am on Sunday morning.  Please be sure to plan your packing and departure from campus so that you are not rushed at the last minute. Halls will re-open at 9am on March 15.

2) Empty all trash cans, recycling, and compost containers.  RAs will be checking on this as they check-out each room, but you won’t want to come back to a smelly room either.

3) Unplug all electronics except your refrigerator.  This will also be checked, but it saves energy and will keep your food fresh if you choose to leave any behind.

4) Be sure to sign the check-out sheet on your door before you leave.

5) Have a safe and fun Spring Break! Remember to save some time to re-charge if you have a lot scheduled, and spend some time having fun if you don’t!

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