RA Spotlight: Mauricio Barreto

RA SpotlightMauricio Barreto

Mauricio Barreto

Hall: Old West, 1st floor

Year: Junior

Majors: Biology (Pre-med) and Political Science

Hobbies: “If you run all the way around campus it’s a perfect three-mile run so I do that a lot. I also play indoor and outdoor intramural soccer but I’m an alternate because I always end up having meetings during important games.”

Activities: Eating at Lime on Mondays and Sutton’s on Thursdays. “They’ll give me free stuff because I go all the time. If you go often enough you’ll get to know the cashier and then eventually the manager… And then they’ll say, ‘We have extra dessert today! Here!’”

Hometown: Cary, NC

Fun Fact: “I lived in Venezuela for three years as a kid. I also had a pet snake called Billy Bob Joe for several weeks. But then we went on vacation and forgot to leave water for it.”

What else are you involved in on campus? I was a dancer in Dance Marathon for two years and I always loved doing it. I’m also in the student group CPALS so I got paired up with one of the kids in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic and I go visit whenever he’s there. When I was a sophomore my pal benefited directly from the FTK fund so that’s why I dance. I applied for Morale committee after last year’s Marathon because it just looked like so much fun. It’s changed the Marathon for me. You get to know people really well because you’re working on the Marathon starting in September or October. It’s over now and we already miss each other so much. And my best friend Kit is on Morale too so it’s great to hang out with him.
What do you want to do after graduation? I’m going to take two years off before I apply to med school. I either want to do a few years of research or work in the hospital.
Why did you decide to become an RA? My sister was an RA at her university and recommended it to me so I always kept the option open. I’ve always tried to find jobs that I enjoy and that I would be good at and a few of my friends who were RAs recommended this job to me as well so when it came time to find housing for this year I decided to apply.
What is your favorite part of your job? Making stuff. I like doing programs and giving my residents free food. The best part of the job is exactly what you think the best part is, hanging out with the people on your hall and giving them free things.
What’s your favorite event? My favorite or my residents’ favorite? My favorite was when we did pumpkin painting but I don’t think they liked it because none of my guy residents came… It was right before Halloween. We had apple cider and snacks and we all painted pumpkins. Their favorite was probably during finals when I ordered them all pizza. Literally every single one of them came.
What’s something fun you do with your residents? My residents like stealing my door decs. One of them took a bunch and gave them to his roommate. I got kvetched about after that. “To my roommate who stole our RA’s door decoration to make me smile after a rough night: I love ya. Sorry, Mauricio.”

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