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Ever thought about learning Chinese? Whether you’re considering a Chinese major or minor or are already fluent, the Chinese House Living-Learning Community is a perfect opportunity to get some practice!

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are groups of students living together who share a common interest. The Chinese House LLC provides conversational hours and cultural programs right in a residence hall (Teague, in this case) so that speakers can become fluent while chatting with their friends and hallmates.

Linda Zhang, the Student Coordinator, has a lot to share about the Chinese House. Currently living in the LLC are four native Chinese speakers and eight learning members with a wide range of proficiency.


Learning the Language

Linda says that members of the Chinese House try to speak as much Mandarin as possible to improve their skills. They all become very close watching movies, eating together and talking online in Chinese. Some members get involved in Chinese Conversation Club too, and have the opportunity to integrate the skills they learn in class back into their daily lives.


During weekly meetings, the members do everything from listen to guest speakers to discuss Chinese internet slang. The whole idea is to engage each other about interesting topics relating to China. Guest speakers speak on subjects ranging from Chinese popular music to religions to unique law practices.

1383565_10202169079697953_1363123262_nLet’s Get Involved!

The community volunteered at the Seymour Senior Center during the Chinese New Year Festival. They served dinner to the guests there, and have planned other events for the seniors. Linda says they will put on presentations for the seniors about topics related to their majors and tutor them in English.

The LLC also put on skits for the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association‘s New Year and Mid-Autumn Festivals.

Applying to the Chinese House

The Chinese House is a great way to get better at the Chinese language, learn about the culture, and live with some of your best friends!

LLC applications are available through the housing application portal on our website. If you have any questions about becoming part of the Chinese House, contact Linda at or DHRE at!

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