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12 Responses to “Which style of residence hall offers the best feeling of community?”

  1. Audrey Egler

    I currently live in Hardin and I have to say that I love suite style dorms! They definitely have more of a sense of community because you interact with more people than just your roommate when you’re in your dorm.

  2. Jade Loendorf

    I enjoy the larger dorms such as Morrison and Hojo. I have lived in both and the suite style makes it feel like I am in a little family. Coming into my freshman year I was worried about living in a suite with 7 other girls and sharing one bathroom, but after awhile it was great. We all hung out together and I feel that they were a big reason why I was so outgoing my freshman year. As a sophomore I decided to live in a suite style again and I love it equally as much as I had before. My suite mates are always there to gossip or have a good cry sesh after exams. So to wrap it up, I would definitely say that suite style dorms in the larger high-rise dorms are the best of them all!

  3. Devon Witek

    The South Campus highrises such as Craige and Hinton James. I can only speak for HoJo since that’s where I live, but it is absolutely amazing. The suite style is the sweet style in my opinion. I get along perfectly with all my suitemates and if I could, I’d do it all again next year! (And the RA’s are the best…Yusuf).

  4. Whitley Burleson

    I personally live in Horton right now and I love my hall. The important thing to remember that being social is completely up to you. Horton has two room suites, so there is only four people to a bathroom. On my hall we prop our doors open and we constantly go visit each other to talk to just hang out. The lounges are smaller than the high-rise dorms, so it’s more social if you want to see people. I’ve heard from other people that in the high-rises you feel confined to your suite and it’s difficult to make friends on your actual hall. Horton is wonderful and I couldn’t ask for a better freshman experience!

  5. Rachel

    I think that suite style dorms are the best because you can hang out with the people in your suite but you can also get to know the people in the suites around you. It’s a good/fun environment and not too many people sharing a bathroom which may be an issue in hall style dorms.

  6. Ashlyn Rhodes

    I believe the suite-style dorms provide a friendly atmosphere that promotes a closely knit community. Living at Craige my first year, I wouldn’t change my experience at all. I have met many people throughout Craige very easily. My suite mates have become my best friends, and living with a group of friends allows you to meet their friends. Living in a suite is a very unique experience that I feel everyone should have.

  7. Julie

    The South Campus high rises – Craige in particular – is definitely the best. I’ve met and become with so many people and become super close with all my suite mates.

  8. Vaibhav Shrishail

    I think the South Campus highrises (Craige, Ehringhaus, and Hinton James) provide the best community because the suites are larger (8 people) and the open to the outdoors hallways let you communicate across floors easily. Also with more people living in these dormitories, more people are going to show up to community events for the specific building.

  9. Rose Peifer

    In my experience, it depends on what you are looking for. First year, it is good to live in a suite style dorm because it is really easy to get to know the people in your suite. But, you have less privacy in a suite. In a hall-style dorm, it may be good to join a living-learning community because you have community events and meetings.

  10. Rachel

    Usually the suite style residence halls have the best feeling of community because you are able to meet 7 other people who live in your suite and when you make friends with someone in another suite you are then able to meet their 7 suite mates. With that being said it seems much more social and community oriented.

  11. Vanessa Canuto

    Having lived in a suite style my freshman year, I absolutely loved it and my suite mates are now some of my best friends. It provides you with the opportunity to build close bonds because your always bumping into each other and I will definitely be living in a suite style dorm next year!

  12. Sarah

    The Aycock-Graham lounge provides a great communal space within a north campus dorm. The RAs are also very involved in getting students to come to events and to generally get to know each other.


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