4 thoughts on “What tips do you have for cooking in a dorm instead of having a meal plan? How can I make my cooking life easier?”

  1. Know which grocery places you can reach by bus. I know you can reach Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s using the Chapel Hill Transit. Also, get a slow cooker / CrockPot. There are many great recipes you can find, and you’ll have enough food to last for most of the week.

  2. Plan your meals each week to save money and time. Prepare in bulk. Make 5 meals worth of chicken on Sunday night and eat them throughout the week.
    Yogurt and cereal are always good for breakfast and you can buy in bulk without them going bad.

  3. Cooking a bulk of your meals on one day then eating them throughout the week is probably the best option. Check when grocery stores get new shipments in, shop that day, then cook the next!

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