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3 Responses to “What on-campus dorm is universally the best?”

  1. Bill Bourret

    This is a pretty subjective answer, but in my experience there’s generally a lot of appreciation for Cobb (north), Carmichael (mid), Morrison/Craige/Ehaus (south). But I’m sure all res halls are great!

  2. Julie

    Morrison! Best location, best building, best people.

  3. Briana

    Craige, it’s a suite style so you love with 8 girls or 8 guys. I initially was worried about sharing a bathroom with 8 girls but everyone is on different time schedules so there are rarely times when you all need to shower unless you’re going out. Also, your suitemates become some of your closest friends. I had never met my suitemates until move in day and now we’re all so close. We celebrate birthdays together, have weekly suite activities, and help each other with work. My suitemates are like a second family that is always there for you. There is plenty of space if you get smart with storage so the rooms can be spacious and then some can be cozy. The RAs work very hard to have floor activities like spaghetti night and hot chocolate night. It’s really fun to go down there and meet people who aren’t on your floor. The Craige community really tries to make Craige a home away from home, wish I could live here next year!


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